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The Ceremony

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Don't drink with Wanda

Nicki's one expression of empathy and love absolutely undoes Barb. She begins sobbing. It's not the ladylike soap opera sobbing; it's deep, gut-wrenching, she-may-pull-a-muscle sobbing. Nicki can only watch helplessly, tears running down her own face. Margene leans into Barb.

Bill finally shows up on the scene, and he looks in from the doorway. Barb is still crying. Margene has wrapped her arms around Barb and is burying her head in her shoulder, trying to rock her like a baby. Nicki is watching. They all notice Bill there at once. We get the Bill's-eye view: three miserable women looking back at him.

We flash over to Alby, who's sleeping in a hospital bed. Roman watches him from the doorway, his expression hooded.

And now, in the only place that's his -- the yard -- Bill is left staring at the half-moon, thinking, "Wait...why is that the only moon in this episode? Why wasn’t I pantsless at least once?” And on that sign indicating that truly, all is not going according to plan in Henricksons’ homes plus, we end the season. As the credits roll, it becomes evident someone has a sense of humor; the closing song is "Takin' a Chance on Love."

And that’s it. My thanks to all of you who read the recaps, everyone who’s participated in the forums and, as always, to the editors here – Joe R and Sars do some heavy lifting behind the scenes. Enjoy the rest of 2006, and I’ll see you next year.

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