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Don't drink with Wanda

Roman continues ruefully, noting that the settlement agreement prohibits the usual thuggery, "Find other ways to contain him." Alby looks thrilled to have a new project.

We then transition to a crafts store: Nicki, Rhonda, Sarah, and Barb are wandering around. Barb heads over to a dye stand, and Rhonda migrates next to her. Barb says happily, "Do you want to help me pick a color to dye my shoes?" She is the only one in that bunch who seems happy to be hanging out with the child bride. Nicki's eye rolls have transcended mere eloquence; she's managed to convey a doctoral thesis in psychopathology with just one expression. Barb then drifts over to a fabric display and muses aloud to Nicki how some material would make a pretty shawl. To her credit, Nicki manages to swallow her umbrage over the awards to nudge Barb into buying it with, "It is Beehive Mother of the Year. And you probably deserve it." I like how both Nicki and Lois are so guarded with affection and praise; it's such an elegant shorthand for conveying how fucked-up and manipulative compound relations are and how carefully people try and protect their better impulses from being used against them.

After some shots of the gorgeous Utah scenery, we re-focus on Margene's kitchen in the morning. Bill's got his tie tucked into his shirt, and he's busy with a spatula at the stove. Margene comes down and sleepily says, "I thought you left. What you doing?" Bill explains, "Frying for Lester, one for Aaron, two for you. I broke Lester's yolk, but he won't mind." Yay, Bill! I applaud men who make breakfast for their peeps. Margene notes that Bill's in a different mood, and he says, "Yes, I am." Margene asks him why, and he comes over to hold her, saying, "New beginnings." There's a nice little moment with the two of them looking at each other, and he says, "You have an exam today." Margene's touched that he remembered, and says, "You're sweet." Bill replies, "You're pregnant," and it would appear that he is just moments away from breaking into "Havin' my baby/what a wonderful way to show how much you care."

Back at the compound, we get a shot of Wanda and Joey's place, which is looking a lot less bucolic from this angle than in previous episodes, when it was a positively quaint little Craftsman lodge. Wanda's in her kitchen, putting away the dishes, when Alby materializes behind her. Do you think he practices being that sneaky? Or is stealth one of those necessary survival skills all the Juniper Creek kids pick up if they want to survive an adolescence with fourteen moms?

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