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Don't drink with Wanda

Alby asks Wanda where Joey is, and she automatically says, "I don't know." He's not buying it. So Alby very casually heads over to the living room and coos, "Oh, look what I found." He hunkers over the crib and begins clucking at the baby. Displaying the kind of self-preservation instincts that are clearly not carried on the Y chromosome in the Henrickson line, the baby begins crying. Alby looks up from the infant and says, in his mildest baby-whispering voice, "I can only ask so many times."

We get a tight shot of Wanda's face. She appears to steel herself for something, swallows hard, and says, "You know what? He should be home real soon. Why don't you have a seat and wait?" Alby thinks he's getting somewhere. He asks, "Is he with Bill?" Wanda gives a secretive smile as she replies, "Maybe. I think maybe he is." Alby tries to be all menacing with "Brothers should be careful because brothers can get brothers in trouble." Note: tries. Wanda's practically grinning as she nods. Alby mistakes Wanda's feral grin as the submissive grimace of a chimp. He orders Wanda to call Joey, she balks, and he hands over his mobile. Then he wanders into the living room to sit down.

Wanda fakes a phone conversation with Joey and as she chats, she casually brings out the bottle of ANTIFREEZE she keeps in the KITCHEN and pours a nice, cool glass of permanent shut-up juice for Alby. She brings over the glass, saying, "He should be home in just a second. I brought you something to drink while you wait." And she made enough to guarantee that Alby can still sip away as he cools his heels in Hell's anteroom! Such a thoughtful hostess.

At Henricksons' homes plus, Barb is taking that Mother of the Year nomination as a cosmic invitation to mother everyone's kids. She asks Rhonda if she's digging the competition, and Rhonda proves she really does have acting chops as she channels Eve Harrington, burbling, "It's like a dream come true." Barb asks if Rhonda's enjoyed seeing Nicki and visiting with her, and Rhonda lies winsomely, "Yes, so much." Barb then asks, "Do you miss not being in school? Sweetie, no promises now, but would you like to stay here and finish the school year? I don't know how we'd do it, and there are a lot of things to work out, but is that something you'd be interested in?" Rhonda flings herself at Barb in reply. Barb stresses again, "No promises," but Rhonda's just positive Utah's Mother of the Year will be able to do anything. I ask again: how you gonna keep 'em down on the compound once they've seen the central AC of suburbia? Barb warns, "Let's just keep this our secret for now. I have to talk it over with Bill first -- and Nicki." And, I would imagine, Sarah. Or am I incorrectly assuming parental consideration of their kids' feelings is a factor here?

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