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Don't drink with Wanda

Cut to the meeting, which is filled with lots of white guys in black suits. A voice on the phone is talking about how the miners aren't working, and apparently have the nerve to ask for things like benefits. Roman barks, "Never! I'm through pussyfooting around. Report them all to the INS, then replace them." Wow, is there any group of the poor and powerless that Roman won't exploit?

Then the meeting goes south for Roman. Bill and Joey stride in, and Bill breaks the news that he's got Holloway's old seat on the council. Joey sits down, and Bill stands behind him, saying, "It's true, Roman. Copies of shares that are rightfully endorsed. We're here, Roman, at your table -- where we belong." He claps a hand on Joey's shoulder. Joey's trying to look resolute. Roman orders one of his henchmen to raise Alby, and cuts off the voice as it asks, "Shall we move on to Beehive --" Would that be the Beehive Village project Bill is involved in? Because I can't imagine why Roman would be bringing up the Beehive Mother of the Year awards so openly in front of the rest of the council.

Bill walks toward Roman, telling him, "As board members, it's our responsibility to review all board business and financial transactions." Roman attempts to summon an ineffable air of divine authority by intoning, "You will not desecrate our sacred files." Bill counters that he will. He then makes a grab for the minutes of the last few meetings, so he can get up to speed. Roman peevishly asks where Alby is, adding with some desperation, "Get him. Get him now." Since his right-hand thug fails to materialize on demand, the meeting only goes down from there. Roman is forced to end it on a point of order: any changes in membership had to be submitted in writing ten days before the meeting. He then points at Joey and commands, "You. Get out of that seat." Joey shakes his head and says, "I'm staying, Roman." So Roman retreats instead.

And now, a scene from the upcoming movie, The Passion of the Wendy. Only instead of agonizing over what she must do while hanging out in a garden somewhere, she's in the office lounge, babbling at a coworker who would clearly rather be anywhere else. The upshot to the whole scene is that Wendy's steeling herself to have a sit-down with Barb.

Back at the office, Bill is gloating, "We got the files, we got the computer, he can't retaliate. How can he retaliate?" You know, I seem to remember there being something in the Bible about pride going before a fall, but that's just me. When Joey calls Lois, Bill sings into the phone about how they made it in and out of the meeting safe and sound. Lois says tensely, "Well, that's wonderful. Could I talk to Joey, Bill?" Bill gives the phone a What the H? look and says incredulously, "That's it? Just 'wonderful'?" Lois bites off, "Super. Really great. Ah, can you get me Joey?" She is not what you would call a skilled liar. A deflated Bill hands the phone to Joey. Lois wants to know what Joey would like them to do about what she delicately terms "our little situation." Joey asks, "'s that going?" The penny has just dropped for Bill; he demands to know what's going on. Lois says with some concern, "He's still passed out, but his breathing's quickening. I suspect he's about to wake up." She seems sort of disappointed by this. Anyway, Lois wants to know what Joey thinks they should do. I suppose when the menfolk in your cult are always talking about how they're the heads of household and you must submit to them, you've got to seize any chance you can to make them suffer for that attitude. Joey's certainly suffering now. When Wanda gets on the phone and mewls about how she didn't want to get Joey in trouble, he's cracking, but the minute Bill asks what's going on, Joey disintegrates and the man-sized pile of dust still holding the phone blurts, "It's bad! It's real bad. I wanted to keep it from you, except you might need to know because it might affect you if he finds out about it, I mean, if, 'cause he might not find out at all." Bill's all, "Huh?" and Lois sharply reminds Joey that she's there with a "Hel-LO," and that's when Joey shouts, flustered, "Yeah, Mom, hold on a sec!"

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