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Sarah and Heather arrive at a TV studio, which is quite the hive of activity. I have no idea what kind of station it is, but it looks a bit more fancy than the public-access joints I've seen. Which kind of makes it hard to explain what they're about to broadcast. Rhonda spots them and runs over, acting all excited that they came. She says they'll broadcast part of the support group, and then she'll sing a song. "A survivor song," she says. "It's part of my quest for justice." "I really hate you," Sarah states. Rhonda changes tactics and plays her "poor me" card, saying, "I just wanted my best friends in the world to hear me sing. And April wants to talk to you," she says to Sarah. Yes, that would be April Blessing, the anti-polygamy zealot social worker who swooped in several episodes ago. Heather says Sarah doesn't have to, but her mom comes over and all but drags Sarah in April's direction. "Sarah, don't!" Heather calls after her. Snakelike, Rhonda whirls around and snaps at Heather, "Shut up! Or I will tell her that you want to kiss her on the lips." Heather doesn't look quite as cowed this time. Or to put it another way, she's finally had enough of Rhonda's bull.

Barb and Bill are all dressed up at dinner with the Paulsons, who are irritating Barb with their talk of Bill now being in the bar business. "Gaming and bars go together," they say almost in unison. Meredith asks what Barb's been up to in the years since they last saw each other, and Barb says she's pursuing a graduate degree. Which of course earns a compliment for Bill for all the slack he must be picking up at home. Just in case you thought the show might be implying that mainstream LDS is significantly less patriarchal than those who practice polygamy, because it clearly isn't. Just then, Barb is distracted by the incredibly loud cackling of an attractive young woman in a red dress, who's hanging out in the bar with Larry and the two Weber Gaming clients from Bill's earlier poker game. Of course the woman is Margene. Barb's a bit thrown to see her there, let alone acting up so boisterously. "We didn't expect you to be in the bar business," she says to Meredith, probably more clumsily than she intended. With a layer of neo-Victorian politesse to downplay how much that comment offends her, Meredith asks why. As she and Dick always say, "Saints can run a racket better than any gentile." I'm glad I don't always say that, because then I would have had to stop. As this exchange occurs, Margene and her companions are being shown to a nearby table. She waves happily at her spouses and the other couple as they pass. Bill says that Barb says "some people" might consider their business hypocritical. "Bill says I should look at the Marriotts," Barb says, who apparently would be out of business if they didn't have bars in their hotels. Not to mention the "in-room pornography" that Bill brings up without even blushing. A couple of tables away, Margene lets out another piercing guffaw. She comes over, out of breath from all the hilarity, saying she's off the clock but there's one last message. Bill unfolds the slip of paper she just handed him, which reads, "I'VE TOLD THEM I'M YOUR MISTRESS." Hee. Barb reads it as well, and her face goes even tighter than the bun in her hair was already holding it. Bill politely thanks Margene. "Mm-hmm!" she chirps brightly, and returns to her table. Dick asks Bill to tell them about the machines. As Bill launches into his pitch and Margene launches into another seizure, Barb stares at the table like she's trying to put out the candle with her mind.

The Henrickson backyard is all decorated, with lights festooning the pool fence. In matching high-collared, calico-and-lace dresses, Wanda and Kathy deliver crackers and dip to one of the outdoor buffet tables. Kathy thanks Nicki for hosting, who modestly says she's happy to do it. Because what's more fun than spending other people's money? Hell, some of it was probably Kathy's to begin with. Joey comes up between his women (he's not also in calico and lace, alas), and marvels at how he never expected to be part of such an occasion. "Sometimes faith leads us to the Principle, but sometimes the Principle leads us to the faith," he pontificates, with an arm around each of them. He may not be as profound as Bill in his impromptu sermons, but he's not nearly as long-winded. Advantage: Joey. Nobody notices that Wanda is tugging at her collar like she wants to climb out of it, if not her actual skin. Not in a good place, is Wanda. Let's hope Nicki thinks to tox-screen the pool water after everyone goes home.

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