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Meanwhile, Ben is getting acquainted with a couple of creepy-ass Creeker twins in tenth grade who are Kathy's sisters and therefore Ben's future aunts. That doesn't keep them from flirting shamelessly with him, however. "We're gonna marry a righteous man," they say. In any other show, that singular "man" would trigger at least a raised eyebrow. But here, Ben's eyebrows stay in place until they add "like you." And even then they only climb slightly up his forehead instead of dragging Ben away from these two at a dead run like they really ought to.

In the kitchen, Nicki encounters an uninvited guest: Alby. Where does he find the time to keep haranguing her with everything else he's got going on? "I haven't sanctioned this union," he tells Nicki. "And [Kathy]'s spoken for." This last is news to Nicki, as she says Alby won't ruin this for her. But now Alby has even more reason to be pissed at Nicki, although he's being all sweetly ooky about it. He knows that she came to the compound last week, signed in at 2:00, left at 2:45, and didn't show up at his meeting. So she registered at the gate using her own name and never expected anyone to notice that her visit coincided with the disappearance of a big box of cash? "You're a thief," Alby tells her. "And a moron," I add. Nicki tries to bluff her way out: "I don't need your money," she brags. "We have plenty. We have a new business." Indulgently, Alby asks what kind. "A gambling business," Nicki says. Alby loses his paternal smile in a hurry. "Weber Gaming?" he asks. Nicki realizes she's said too much, and she heads back out into the yard with a tray of food in hand. Probably the best strategy for her right now; every time she talks to him this episode, she gets in more trouble. If she continues to engage, he's going to end up blaming her for his missing nut. Instead, Alby stays behind in the kitchen and tells Lyle, "Let's go." It would be much more like the bad-ass dramatic moment he intends it to be if Lyle knew what he meant by that.

At the studio, April buttonholes Sarah in the control room. "Rhonda said you wanted to come participate in our group." "Rhonda's a liar," Sarah says bitterly. "Yes, she is," April readily agrees, which is refreshing. "But think about the lies you tell every day to protect your family and to protect yourself." Yes, that's much worse than the lies Rhonda tells to screw people over and get what she wants and make herself appear awesome. Totally equivalent. Yet Sarah doesn't protest. April starts trying to relate to Sarah, saying that she was like her at her age, thinking she had everything figured out and blaming her parents for screwing up her life. And as we know, April ended up in a polygamous relationship herself, not that Sarah necessarily knows this. April says she knows Barb. "She's a good woman in a bad situation." That hits home for Sarah, because she said something similar to Barb herself just last week. Seeing that she's getting through, April keeps pushing her advantage: "All you want is a normal life, but every corner you turn you smack into the consequences of her choice." April's point? She's basically saying it's okay for Sarah to ditch her mom. Huh, I bet Barb didn't see that coming when she arranged for Sarah to start hanging with the Tuttles.

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