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My So-Called Wife

Whatever station this TV show is on, it's able to reach Roman's bedroom. Alby's wife is injecting a syringe full of God-knows-what into Roman's IV. It drips vigorously. "Sleep, Papa, sleep," Alby says, having gotten back to the compound already. "I'll avenge you. He'll pay." Roman's attention is drawn to the TV on the dresser, where Rhonda is now singing live. When she said she was singing "a survivor song" I was expecting "Eye of the Tiger," but instead it's the old-school country anthem "The Happiest Girl in the Whole U.S.A." Which, if you're like me and you were a kid in the '70s with parents who liked country music, this song has already been stuck in your head since you saw the episode title. She does much better with this song than with that gospel number we heard her fumbling through several weeks ago, at least vocally. But performance-wise, she doesn't exactly look like the happiest girl in the whole U.S.A. The happiest girl on the show, maybe, but that isn't saying much. We see Heather and Sarah watching from the wings, their faces thoughtful. Nicki cleans up the backyard after the party, which I'm sure was a huge success. Margene gets tired of waiting for an answer from Barb and goes back to snacking on a can of nuts from the mini-bar, as Barb in turn rolls over on her side, her back to Margene. Bill lies alone in his bed down the hall, staring up at the ceiling with the lights on and the covers up to his neck. I don't see anything moving under there, so at least he's getting a "night off" like he was wanting a couple of weeks ago. Rhonda belts into the song's big finish, and into the closing credits.

Which of course stupid David Byrne has to score with some goofy klezmer waltz to wreck everything. Stop doing shit like that, David Byrne.

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