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My So-Called Wife

In Margene's bedroom, she and Bill are getting ready for bed. Margene's wearing a form-fitting short nightie in which she might almost be mistaken for a pregnant woman, if properly reflected in the right kind of funhouse mirror. Margene openly floats the idea of going to the convention with Bill in Barb's place. I say "floats" in contrast to the salvo of anvils she was raining down on the dinner table in the previous scene. She doesn't actually expect Bill to go along with it, but she gets pretty excited when he seems open to the idea. She has only one tiny doubt: "Do you think Barb would mind?" Bill answers, "Why should she mind?" in a tone that means, "I hope to God she does." Proceeding down the line of succession, Nicki already said she didn't want to go. So Margene's in, and she's beyond thrilled about it.

In the morning, Nicki's on the phone with Alby, trying to get clearance to the compound for a three-hour visit so she can help with Wanda's party. Alby sweetly kicks a little towheaded boy out of his office, telling him, "Papa's workin'." "Workin'" in this case meaning "actin' like a high-handed prick." He reminds Nicki that she's banished, but she points out that it only applies to the house and their parents, not the entire compound. She goes on about her "birthright" and her "heritage." Alby tells Nicki that if she shows up at the gate, he'll have her arrested. And he doesn't even know about the cash she made off with; he's just piqued that she never showed up for his testimony meeting like she said she would. Nicki starts to make an excuse about Wayne, but Alby's already hung up on her. At least he was nice enough to not do that to her in front of one of her 7.3 million nephews.

Nicki's still standing in the yard, goggling at the dial tone, when she looks up to find Margene standing in front of her, asking Nicki to watch her boys. Nicki quickly agrees, and asks for how long. Margene says until tomorrow, because she's going to the convention with Bill. "What?" Nicki snaps. "What?" echoes Barb, who has just joined them outside. Nicki tells Barb what's up, using her best tattletale delivery. Barb is confused, and it looks like there are going to be a whole lot more questions, until Bill comes stumbling out of Margene's house, carrying their suitcases. Upon seeing all of his wives standing in a circle looking tense, his entire explanation consists of, "Well, we'll see you tomorrow." Margene wants to make sure that Barb's okay with it, and Barb pretends she is. With that, Margene and Bill are off. But not before Bill tells Barb to bring a couple of his suits to the cleaners. Even a world-class fake-smiler like Barb can't withstand that final poke at her wounded dignity, and her face goes slack as Bill and Margene head out.

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