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It's not unusual for an episode of Big Love to open on a shot of Bill Henrickson's face, but what's unusual about this particular case is how big that face is. That's because a series of house-shaped billboards have gone up all over town, with the slogan "Home Plus is us" next to the gigantic image of Bill beaming down at passing traffic. It's actually a bit creepy. If there's anyone who can get away with having their face magnified fifty times and then have its gap-toothed rictus suspended motionless above a defenseless citizenry, Bill Paxton isn't him. Imagine driving along and looking up and thinking, Holy Christ, it's Chet from Weird Science!

At the actual homes, Nicki sits at her dining room table, wrapping a present and looking uncharacteristically happy. It's especially uncharacteristic because she doesn't appear to be up to anything.

Bill's getting dressed when he gets a call on his cell phone from his mom, calling from a Laundromat for some reason. Bill's sounding fairly relaxed (which of course won't last) as he tells Lois that Roman has dropped the investigation rather than letting the state get involved, just as he predicted. In turn, Lois drops the bomb that if anybody comes questioning her, she's decided that she's going to tell the truth. "I've got too much to live for to get caught up in some rinky-dink cover-up," she says. You'd think this would piss Bill off, but at the moment he's just wondering why Lois is in a Laundromat. Lois, for some reason, tries to claim that she's at a gas station, but after a confused Bill gives her a brief tutorial on caller ID, "the thing on front that tells you who's calling and from where," Lois decides she wants no part of any such black magic, and hangs up nervously. You know, Bill, maybe Lois just isn't cut out to be a crew member on your little cruise of deception.

A bit later, Barb meets Bill in the kitchen. She's dressed for school in a striped blouse and matching neck scarf, wondering if this is the right look. I'm just glad she decided to go to school after all, just like she was thinking about during her long absence from the family, or, as some might call it, One Day That Shook The Henricksons. Nicki rushes in, all aglow, with a big plate of Danish. Bill and Barb help themselves, and Nicki's face falls as Barb asks Nicki to cover dinner, since her last class of the day is at 4:00. Bill rushes off to find Ben as Barb asks Nicki for her opinion on the outfit. "Lose the scarf," Nicki wisely advises. Ben comes through, looking for Bill, snagging a Danish of his own from Nicki's plate, moments before Barb leaves her standing there. That happy expression Nicki was wearing before? It's gone the way of Barb's scarf.

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