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Sarah's sitting with Scott -- the guy from her unsupportive support group last week -- in his parked car. But it's totally chaste, because there's a giant box of donuts sitting open on the seat next to them. Nobody's making a move without getting really sticky. Ew, not like that. Scott's talking about his fraternal twin brother, the overachiever who was made a bishop at age 27. Which would make Scott at least…27. Unless his mother was in labor with the second twin for a very long time. Doing this same math in her head, Sarah looks a little nervous, but as Scott remarks that his brother and the donut in his hand are the only two things that understand him, she manages to pull off a decent joke: "I don't know, I think the donut thinks you're weird." Scott awkwardly asks her to a Toto concert on campus, and this is when she has to confess that she's not actually at the college, but still in high school. She says she's 18, but everything else she told him is true. She's given him her real name since last week, by the way. Scott's a bit bothered by this revelation. "You should be more honest with the people you start relationships with," he tells her as nicely as he can. Which, since it's a lot nicer than her dad's lecturing tone, is enough to get a smile from Sarah. Oh, and also: Toto!?!

Lois stands on the front porch of her cabin, watching the cops pull away with their radios squawking the whole time. So the crisis has passed already? Sounds like state cops are total pushovers too. They didn't even get any lines. No sooner are they gone than Lois goes back into her house, angry that Wanda "fingered" her. She says it twice, giving us plenty of chances to snicker at Bill's mom saying "fingered." Margene, sitting at Lois's front table inside, makes excuses for Wanda. "And Joey drunk," Lois laments. "What is happening to this family?" Margene notices a diptych picture frame on the window sill next to her. One of the photos is of Bill and Barb's wedding, and the other is of Bill and Barb and Nicki's wedding. No pictures of Margene, it goes without saying. Even by Margene, who remarks that it's Nicki's anniversary today. "She went after him like a spider," Lois says. Unimpressed, Margene sweetly says they're celebrating tonight. Lois wonders why. "It's got nothing to do with you," she says sourly. Margene insists that it does. Lois fixes Margene with a glare and says, "I don't understand how you all can like each other so much." She remarks that that dynamic doesn't hold in her own familial unit. "It's a pity," she says sadly. "I had so much to give." Realizing that Margene is looking at her with a compassionate smile, Lois shuts down again. I've never heard eyebrows make a metallic clanging sound like that before.

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