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Big Day

In the exact same tone, and without letting go of Nicki's hand, Barb says, "Wendy Hunt was followed by a Hummer." "I know," Nicki says, red-faced. "We can't do that, Nicki," Barb says. "I know," Nicki says again. It's a good thing Barb took her off her high horse before bringing this up, because that would have been quite a fall. Barb kindly says that Nicki would do anything for the family. Nicki says Barb would too, and gently kisses her goodnight before going in.

Still sitting by the pool, Barb watches through Nicki's back window as Nicki gets her anniversary present from Bill: a giant red cordless drill, with a whole set of bits. Nicki absolutely loves it, because that is one of the ways in which she is awesome. Let's just not think about how she'd feel if she knew Barb also got an anniversary gift, and one that Bill had to leave work for at that.

It looks like Joey's sobered up. He's sitting alone in the dark at his kitchen table with a cup of coffee (sorry -- it's probably hot chocolate) in front of him. He hears the state troopers pull back up outside, their flashers on and their damn radios squawking unintelligibly again. Joey hesitates when the knock on the door comes, but finally gets up to answer with a tearful look on his face. The trooper at the door says he wants to talk to Wanda again. What, they weren't satisfied with the answers we never heard Wanda give to the questions we never heard the cops ask? Joey says Wanda's not in (which may or may not be true), and when the trooper says they have a search warrant, Joey mildly says, "She's not the one you want. I'm the one that did it. I poisoned Albert Grant." So the cops handcuff Joey and lead them to their vehicle in handcuffs, as a more legitimate version of "Oh Happy Day" starts playing over the closing credits. This is Joey's big, noble plan? To leave his baby in the care of Wanda alone? Considering Wanda's one skill, Joey must not have much faith in his child's eventual ability to stay out of trouble with the law.

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