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It looks like Roman has decided to lift the ban on music, because his office has been temporarily converted into a recording studio. There's even a little display of CDs of The Grant Family Singers, featuring Sister Rhonda. Rhonda's laying down a vocal track for the gospel classic "Oh Happy Day," and from listening to her, I can see why Roman is so into saving souls -- there isn't a lot of it to go around at Juniper Creek. Roman and Alby barge into the room, with Joey in tow. Roman apologizes to Rhonda for what he calls "a necessary interruption." I agree with all of that except for the apology part. Rhonda's default petulant/bored expression doesn't slip an inch.

In his office, Bill takes a call from Joey and misuses the word "behoove" as he asks Joey to go see Lois and "talk some sense into her." On Joey's end of the line, we see that he's talking from Roman's office, with Roman himself listening in on an extension and Adaleen looming behind Joey. Good thing Bill's smart enough to avoid saying anything stupid over the phone, right? Roman gives Joey a "keep it going," gesture, but Bill's only too happy to incriminate himself with little help from Joey. "I have exposure here," Bill says. "I don't have to tell you that I went way out on a limb for you on this. You're talking to Mr. Cover-up. Obstruction of justice? Accessory after the fact?" Bill rings off. You know, maybe instead of using his caller ID skilz to bust his mom for calling from a Laundromat, Bill could have noticed that Joey was calling him from practically on Roman's lap. Before Joey's even hung up the phone, Adaleen walks up, pops a tape out of the recorder on Roman's desk, and sticks it into a locked file cabinet drawer. Do I even need to bother telling you that there appear to be dozens of other tapes already in there? And I suspect they aren't all Grant Family Singers demos, either. Roman gives Joey instructions that he's not to tell Bill about a UEB board vote scheduled for tomorrow. "After that, we'll see," Roman says. He assures Joey that everything will be fine. Joey doesn't look convinced as he slumps out of the office.

Alby steps up to his father's desk and smirks that they've got all the proof they need now. "All of them can be prosecuted," he smugs. Only that's not Roman's plan at all. Alby's smile freezes as Roman says that Joey's their pawn now. "This is more important for our holy people." Alby starts to protest to his dad that they, you know, tried to kill him, hoping to appeal to Roman's paternal instinct. He seems to have forgotten that Roman doesn't have one. Roman raises his voice as he says, "It's over. Drop it." As Alby walks out of the office, following the same route as Joey a minute ago and wearing a similar expression, Adaleen pops out of nowhere and accosts him. "It would not be smooth move to poke a stick in your father's eye," she warns, narrow-eyed. "Do you understand?" Alby gives a sick little smile, agrees, and walks on. Yeah, I don't really see Alby as the type to hold a grudge, do you?

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