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Out on the road, Nicki shares Margene's road-trip licorice and drops a bomb on her: "Well, happy anniversary to me." Margene's like, "Ooh, awkward." She starts making excuses for Bill and Barb, with everything else going on and Barb's first day of school. "It's kind of a really exciting thing, having a first day of school," chirps Margene, who is, after all, in a position to remember. Nicki's not done milking it, though, because if you're dressed like that, you'd damn well better milk something. She pops in a CD of done-me-wrong country music, which strikes me as just a bit over the top, but Margene just picks licorice out of her teeth with a fingernail and watches the pavement spool by. There's a buffalo crossing the road in front of them and everything, letting us know that they're out in the boonies good and proper now.

Ben's working the Home Plus loading dock in a dorky uniform shirt, and that's where Brynn comes and finds him, asking what he wanted to see her about. Ben steels himself, walks over, and quietly says, "My family believes in the everlasting covenant of plural marriage." Ah. So Brynn didn't know after all. I'm glad we didn't miss that little revelation during the season hiatus. Brynn doesn't know what Ben's talking about. So Ben starts going into the whole backstory of how Barb got sick years ago, and Nicki came to nurse her, and everyone liked her, and Brynn finally gets it. "You're a polygamist?" she hisses. She's a bit freaked. "So how many moms do you have?" "Three," Ben says, relieved that she isn't running away, at least. Still, if he's half as smart as his dad he'll hold off a few minutes before asking Brynn to be his first.

At the University of Utah, Barb sits on a low wall in the quad, sipping coffee from a paper cup and just savoring the experience of being back at school. The only thing missing is that nobody's hitting on her.

Not savoring anything this morning? Don, who's standing in the parking lot under the defaced billboard and checking his watch. A couple of guys come out of the adjoining restaurant, and Don asks them if they saw anything, but since they don't speak much English they're not a lot of help. Or at least they pretend not to speak much English. Think it was them?

Back at the store, Bill takes a call on his cell phone, which gives him a chance to exposit that it's 11:30 and Don's been hanging out there for two hours. Still, nobody has shown up to fix the sign as promised. Bill tells Don to stay there, and as he hangs up, he enters his office to tell Peg that he's on his way to join Don so they can stand around in a parking lot doing nothing together. Someone should advise Bill that in a situation like that, it's only proper etiquette to bring a joint. Don wants Peg to call the sign company, "Dewey Owens," but Peg wants no part of that. She says Dewey Owens controls every billboard in Utah and half the rest of the country. Speaking coldly but quietly, she says, "Call them and you risk drawing attention to something you don't want attention drawn to. Unless they already know or they're behind it somehow, in which case it's still a call beyond my pay grade." Bill wonders why Peg is acting like this when it's his face up there. "Maybe that wasn't the best idea," Peg says quietly. Bill says it's a family business, after all. "I'm just saying I can't stay on here if everything turns into a bunker mentality," Peg says. And then what will they do, without her sunny, positive attitude brightening things up around here?

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