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Barb picks this moment to tap on the open door, pick up on the tense vibe in the room, and wonder if this is a bad time. Bill tells her no, it's cool, and sends Peg out, reminding her, "You have a call to make." Ah, the old, "We have a guest now, so I win" tactic. Nice. Bill closes himself in the office with Barb, and she goes on about all the marvelous college student stuff she did that morning, including enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in the commons. I should have known she wasn't drinking anything as sinful as coffee. Bill's happy at how thrilled she is to be back in college. But Barb's ringing cell phone interrupts their kiss.

It's Margene, calling from a gas station, saying, "Problem! Big problem!" She's around a corner of the building, while Nicki is pumping the gas out front. Margene accuses, "You and Bill forgot Nicki's anniversary and she is totally completely ticked off royal!" "Jiminy Crickets!" Barb "curses," relaying the news to Bill. "Why didn't you remind me?" Bill demands. Such the wrong thing to say. Back at the station, Nicki's putting the gas cap on -- she's apparently got her done-me-wrong song on endless repeat, which makes me wonder why Margene didn't just leap out of the car and make friends with the buffalo when she had the chance -- and spots Margene looking sneaky while talking on her cell phone. Barb asks Margene to step up and cook dinner tonight. When Barb hears Nicki blaring her horn in the background of Margene's call, she asks Margene where she is. "Running errands with Nicki," Margene prevaricates, and turns to see Nicki marching purposefully towards her. "Shit!" Margene blurts. "Oh, sorry! I gotta go." She hangs up and starts staring blankly at whatever's behind the gas station, like that's what she's been doing all along. As you do. Nicki isn't fooled for a moment, as she asks which forgot first. As if that question even makes sense. Margene says they both forgot. Nicki doesn't seem pleased as she storms back to the car, and Margene follows her unhappily. It's going to be a long ride to Juniper Creek. Longer than usual, even.

Bill and Barb are also looking unhappy as they try to figure out how to fix it. Bill suggests dinner at a restaurant, but Barb decides on Nicki's favorite home-cooked meal of lamb chops, strawberries, and coconut cake. Bill doesn't want Barb to miss her afternoon class, but Barb thinks she can get it ready before going back to the U. "It's one anniversary and four adults. I think we can manage a dinner," she assures Bill. I don't know, the adult count on this show tends to fluctuate from moment to moment.

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