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Big Day

Nicki and Margene let themselves into Joey and Wanda's cabin. Wanda's spectacularly relieved to see them. And then Joey crawls in on the floor, and it looks for a moment like Wanda's claimed her fourth victim. It does almost seem like it would be a logical conclusion to Wanda's murderous reign of whatever. Nicki all but says as much. Wanda makes up a story about Joey being sick all night. "It's the E. coli," she says unconvincingly. But it's Joey she's covering for this time, because as Margene quickly ascertains, "He's drunk." Wanda's crying at Nicki as Margene calmly asks for the directions to the bathroom. Nicki's overwhelmed by all of it, so she goes along with Wanda's idea to just get them out of the compound and off to the bus station. Which should be pretty easy, since apparently the only route to Joey and Wanda's place takes them through the center of the compound. Margene comes out of the bathroom, her hair all wet in front from dragging Joey into the shower, and tells Nicki that Wanda and Joey aren't up to her plan. Nicki says it's already been settled, because she can't come up with anything better than the desperate rantings of a paranoid psychopath. Although she doesn't mention that last part. They're still debating the issue when Wanda spots the state troopers pulling up to the house. So then Nicki and Wanda both go into freak-out mode, leaving Margene the only calm, sober adult in the house. They're all doomed.

Bill and Don are talking about the people who run the sign company they're on their way to meet with when Bill pulls out his cell phone to call Margene. He wants her to help Barb with dinner. Margene just throws her hands up and comes clean about where they are. Bill's not happy, saying he never wanted Margene to know about that place. He asks for Nicki, so he can yell at her for knocking down yet another one of the partitions in his increasingly decompartmentalized life. Glancing nervously at the state troopers crowding Wanda's front windows, Margene adds that the law has arrived. She runs through the cabin to where Nicki is trying to help Wanda haul a nearly insensate Joey out the back door. Margene hands Nicki the phone and announces, "Wanda? The cops are here. You've gotta help." Wanda follows Margene back to the front room. With nobody to support him, Joey hits the floor again. Bill tells Nicki that he can't get there in time, and that she's going to have to handle it. Whatever that means. He hangs up. "You gotta drive," he tells Don, and starts to pull over.

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