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Rescue, Religion, And Revenge
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You'll recall that we left last week's episode just moments before Bill found out that Roman was the one who exposed his family. Have you been waiting all week to witness his reaction? Well, too bad.

That's because it's a week later, and Bill and Don are sitting at a table in a family-style diner. It's clean and bright, and it's the type of place where the waitresses wear pink uniforms and there's a big pie case on the lunch counter. These factors will be important later. They're finishing up going over details for the Weber Gaming transaction (which I thought until this week was Weaver Gaming. So sue me). Bill's happy, but Don wants to ditch the side business where the company re-sells outdated slot machines. "I think they're crass," he says. Bill's happy to accommodate. If anything, Don looks even less happy, like he was hoping his objection would trigger an actual discussion about this. Don should really understand by now that passive-aggression doesn't work very well on polygamists. After the server drops the check on the table, Don changes the subject by asking how things at home are. "Fine," Bill says, despite the fact that his expression has gone from zero to dyspeptic almost instantly. Don wants Bill to open up to him, because you shouldn't bottle things up and plus it's the part of the episode where we do the exposition. Bill snaps that Roman is dead to him. Satisfied with this brief little heart-to-spleen conversation, Don drops money for the lunch on the table and heads back to the office. When the server comes to clear away the plates, she asks the sad-looking Bill if he's all right. He smiles, because she's cute, and therefore suddenly he is all right. Noticing her accent, he asks where she's from and she answers, "Serbia." "That's a long way from home," Bill observes, which may well encompass everything he knows about Serbia. She says she's a new citizen. He asks if she would play a video poker machine if there were one in the diner, and she says she would. And that'll wrap up Bill's market research on this deal. The waitress returns, "And if I brought you a piece of pie, would you eat it?" Bill says he would. "Then that makes us both good salesmen," she says, and walks off to get Bill's pie. Bill smiles and watches her departing ass with more than casual interest. Hey, is that what a Testimony looks like? Because I think I used to have them all the time in high school.

Joey comes out of his cabin, where Lois has just driven up with Joey, Jr. Joey asks Lois where Wanda is. As Lois retrieves the baby from the back seat and caries him up to the house, she nonchalantly says, "I had her committed." I'm pretty sure that's not even possible, but it makes up for it by being funny. She names the hospital as she goes past, not even slowing as she says, "Somebody had to do the right thing. It was very hard on me." Horror-struck, Joey jumps right in the car and drives off. He's not even going to thank his mom for watching the baby? Where did that boy learn his manners?

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