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Rescue, Religion, And Revenge

Scott hangs in his apartment, although it's more like he's about to hang himself. That's because Rhonda has barricaded herself in his bedroom and has been going on at top volume about the "servants of Satan" for an unknown period of time. Sarah arrives and comes to his rescue, apologizing to him profusely and asking Rhonda through the door to let her in. Rhonda does so, after making sure that Scott has backed well away from the door. She spins a completely ridiculous yarn about Scott trying to rape her. Sarah is so exhausted by Rhonda at this point that she doesn't even bother arguing with her, and just asks, "What do you want?" Rhonda abruptly drops the pretense and says, "I want to go to Heather's." Well, of course even Sarah isn't dumb enough to try and park an underage fugitive in the home of a state trooper. Right?

Bill's back at the diner, doing more flirting with Anna over baked goods. She asks if he's coming in tomorrow. "Yes," he says, the opposite of suavely. He's about to ask for her phone number, but she offers it to him first. This is going far too well. Just then, "Telephone Line" by ELO comes up on the soundtrack, but much more significant is the fact that the ridiculous little blue Margene-mobile has pulled into the diner's parking lot. "You want pie, right?" she asks the babies in the back, and unhooks her seatbelt. But before she even gets out of the car, she spots Bill through the window, having his mouth wiped by a cute Serbian waitress. Needless to say, the seatbelt goes back on. Margene will be getting her pie elsewhere today. Drive carefully, Margene -- you don't want that airbag to go off and hit the jagged shards of your shattered heart.

Never one to step back once she's gotten her meddle on, Barb has taken it upon herself to go visit Wanda in the mental hospital. She finds her sister-in-law in a row of patients painting identical paint-by-numbers basset hounds. And this is supposed to make them less crazy? The Henrickson wives sit down and make some small talk, which Barb brings around as fast as she can to the subject of Lois's campaign to get Joey a second wife. Thinking Wanda's going to go off unless she can get through her whole story as quick as she can, Barb rapidly assures Wanda that Joey wants no part of it, and that she, Barb, can help get them off the compound as soon as Wanda is released. Wanda's response is startling: "No thank you." She's thought about this, and she could be "in and out of places like this for my entire life, and Joey needs somebody to look after him, plus he can't really handle the baby alone." Barb's kind of darkly impressed. "The doctor here says I exhibit a mordant sense of reality," Wanda says proudly. She asks who the lucky second girl is, and when she hears that it's Kathy Marquart, she smiles and says, "She's nice." The scene ends before she asks Barb for Kathy's medical history. And hey, there in the background -- isn't that Libby?

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