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Rescue, Religion, And Revenge

When Bill makes it in to work, his first stop is Don's office. He says that he only wants the gambling company as a way to protect their families. He gives Don a whole sales pitch on the market that's just waiting to pop in Utah the second it's legal, but Don is unconvinced. So Bill just tells Don that he went ahead and made the offer. "This is about belief, Don," Bill says, but Don has already shut him out. Ironically, he doesn't seem to believe him.

Nicki and Wayne are back at the school. Nicki's looking more mainstream, but Wayne is resplendent in some kind of saint costume, complete with halo, for the…I don't know, Assumption of the Virgin Mary pageant? Like I said, I never went to Catholic school. ["I did, but never in August, which is when the Assumption gets celebrated. Well, 'celebrated.' There are few less-heralded holy days of obligation than the Assumption. Poor Mary. First she dies a virgin, then this." -- Joe R] The two of them wait alone out front until Bill joins them, and the three of them go up to the Vice Principal, just your average family. Except for the other two wives and their 5.5 kids back home, of course.

At the diner, Anna smilingly sets a slice of pie down on the lunch counter in front of a customer. And that customer? Is Margene. She thanks Anna with an even sweeter smile. I'm pretty sure that there's more going on here than just a pregnancy craving.

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