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Rescue, Religion, And Revenge

Sarah and Scott make out on his sofa while watching what looks to be C-SPAN. Ooh, hot! Congressional speeches on the TV -- that's one way to get a girl all over your caucus. But Scott takes an excuse to call a time out on the tonsil hockey when Sarah's cell phone rings and he encourages her to get it. It's Donna from work on the other end, calling her "bitchcakes" and telling her to come to work. Not because she's on the schedule, but because her grandma's there. What's Lois doing at Deb's?

At the diner, Donna and Jordan hold their hands over Sarah's eyes as they lead her through the kitchen to none other than Sarah's Grandma…Rhonda. Rhonda excitedly hops up to embrace Sarah. "It's so cute, hugging granny!" Donna says, and Sarah shoos the other girls away. "I was being genuine, hater," Donna grumps. Of course, Rhonda hasn't actually married Sarah's second maternal grandfather yet, so she wasn't being technically accurate. Once Rhonda's alone with Sarah, she says that she slept on the street for a week, but now if Barb finds out that she's around, she'll send her back to the shelter, where "Adaleen will get me and have me forcibly impregnated." She begs Sarah for help, so that she doesn't have to go back to the compound. Sarah doesn't want that either, so she agrees. But she makes Rhonda promise not to say anything to anyone about her family. Of course Sarah doesn't yet know that Rhonda is literally the last person to be trusted with her family secret. That comes later.

At home, in the evening, Nicki quietly wanders out into the back yard with the cordless phone, and dials. The call rings through to the office of Roman, who's spending some quality time with his one true love now that Rhonda is gone: his magnifying glass. He answers, but Nicki says nothing. "Rhonda?" he asks. And if Nicki was going to say anything, that changed her mind. She hangs up instead. Roman puts down his own phone and sits, contemplating whether his decree against any telecommunications technology more advanced than the rotary phone on his desk was such a great idea. Would caller ID or star-69 really be all that sinful?

Later, it's Nicki's night with Bill, which is being capped off by a recitation from Wayne about some science stuff he learned in school. Since the topic is nothing more controversial than arboreal respiration, Bill's impressed. Nicki sadly sends Wayne off to brush his teeth and wait to get tucked into bed. Bill's trying to be positive with Nicki, saying that Wayne's summer school program will help him in the fall. He sits next to Nicki on her bed, saying that they need to look forward, "Now that we have this ugly business with your father finally behind us." Of course, Nicki isn't in the mood to be jollied, because when Bill says "this ugly business," she hears "your relationship." And as far as Bill is concerned, there probably isn't much difference.

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