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Rescue, Religion, And Revenge

Next morning, Ben bursts into the bedroom of the still-sleeping Sarah, telling her she's "needed." He's still there when Barb comes in, asking her to take Teeny to Honeybees. "Where are the sister-wives?" Sarah asks. Barb tells her not to be fresh. Yes, Sarah, we covered this last week. You're middle management now. Get used to it. Sarah asks all casual-like if there's been any news of Rhonda, and all Barb has heard about is a possible sighting at a shelter downtown last week. I'd say that unless a lot of people's shit turned up missing at that shelter, it was probably someone else. Sarah asks what they would do if they found her. With a glance at Ben, who's still loitering over by Sarah's dresser, Barb sits on the edge of Sarah's bed and breaks the news that Rhonda put Roman up to exposing her. And she didn't tell them this why? "I didn't want to turn you against her," she says. "It's not her fault." Holy crap, Rhonda was right with that "I'm damaged" bullshit. How disappointing. Barb continues, "I don't know what we'd do if we found her, but we have a responsibility. She needs our help." Sarah seems to take that to heart, for some mysterious reason. When Barb leaves, Sarah closes the door behind her and tells Ben that she knows where Rhonda is. "I think you should tell mom." Ben lectures. Sarah mocks him for it, and says, "After you tell mom about you having sex with Brynn." Point to Sarah. In fact, every point to Sarah from now until Ben and Brynn get married, unless they never do, in which case every point to Sarah from now until the end of time. Defeated, Ben asks Sarah what she's going to do. "I'll figure it out on my own," Sarah boasts, with a lot more confidence than I would have. I'm twice Sarah's age, and I certainly wouldn't feel up to single-handedly taking on responsibility for protecting a teenage runaway from a backward doomsday cult led by my psychotic grandfather who wants to marry said runaway as soon as he finds her. My grandfathers are dead, y'see.

At the Home Plus office, Don catches up to Bill and tells him he thinks the Weber Gaming deal is going south, because the owner, Reese, stood him up for a meeting. He wonders if Roman bid higher, but Bill doesn't see how Roman could manage without a UEB vote. Don reluctantly agrees to try and get Reese to come into the office. To call off the deal? Well, since that would be the smart thing for Bill to do, I think we can count on it not happening.

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