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Rescue, Religion, And Revenge

Nicki walks through the grounds of Wayne's school, taking in all the Catholic iconography around her. And, okay, I was raised Catholic (although I went to public school), and even I think some of that stuff is kind of freaky. The current Pope chief among them. Nicki ends up alone in the chapel, looking and feeling quite out of place in her prairie garb amid all the stone and candles and saints and stained glass. The crucifix atop the altar happens to be one of the more gruesome variety, and Nicki regards it with clear distaste. Two women come into the sanctuary, one a mom in a lavender sweater set, and the other a nun in black pants and vest. The mom leaves, giving Nicki's outfit an obvious O RLY look as she walks past her. Nicki approaches the nun, who is the school's vice principal. She denies having given Wayne the rosary. "Wayne's not a baptized Catholic and we don't consider the rosary a toy." Good thing she doesn't know that Wayne was using it as an X-Wing fighter earlier, then. Nicki isn't ready to let it go, all but accusing the school of indoctrinating Wayne. While she's on the subject, she asks what Catholics believe in anyway. Ohhh, here we go. Once the vice principal realizes that Nicki's rather hostile question comes from a place of genuine curiosity (as well as hostility), she says that what sets Catholics apart is a belief in the Holy Trinity and transubstantiation. Nicki asks what that second thing is, so the sister explains about the Eucharist becoming the body and blood of Christ. Basically what I said in my first recap of this show, but in nicer words. "Why would you ever want to believe that?" Nicki wonders. The nun explains about body, blood, soul, divinity. "Wayne's a lovely child and we're very happy to have him here," she says. Nicki looks like it's taking every ounce of restraint she has to not to respond, "Why? So you can turn him into a mackerel-snapping papist?"

Don has succeeded in wrangling Reese into Bill's office. Bill says they agreed on a thirty-day timeline for the deal. "Things have changed," Reese says, acting like he's expecting armed gunmen to burst into the room at any moment. His reaction to his ringing cell phone -- a shifty shut-off -- isn't made any more trustworthy by the fact that his ringtone is a banjo tune. Reese says that the deal has to be this week if it's going to happen. Bill and Don balk at that, as well they should. Reese's cell phone rings again, and apparently the person with the pimp-bass ringtone gets their calls answered, although furtively. We hear Reese's end of the conversation. "Meet me at 2:00. Not at home. I don't care about the goddamn lamps, we'll buy new ones!" He hangs up. Now, I know absolutely nothing about business, but if I were looking at a deal with this guy, right here is where I would activate the trap door in my office. What, don't all businessmen have trap doors? See, I told I you knew nothing. But amazingly, Bill knows even less about business than I do, because even though he knows his bank won't back the deal without a review of the company first -- which is going to take a lot more than a week -- he's willing to 5% earnest money in an escrow account, out of his own cash. "This isn't a business for dabblers," Reese warns him. So Bill sweetens the deal and offers 7% earnest money in 72 hours. I've never seen anyone so eager to take a bath when there wasn't a woman waiting in the tub. Even Reese thinks Bill's out of his mind to make such an offer, but he agrees. "You pull this off by Thursday, I'll throw in a boat," he says, leaving. No sooner is Reese gone than Don is stressing at Bill on where they're going to raise that amount of cash that quickly. He should be more worried about whether they really want to. Bill just tells Don they'll figure something out.

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