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Rescue, Religion, And Revenge

Jordan lets Sarah into a storage room in her house, explaining that it's her mom's eBay room. "She sells dippity glass flowers," Jordan explains. And a great deal of tissue paper and bubble wrap as well, I'd venture. The item in the room that's more to Sarah's interest is Rhonda, who's been parked there since the previous night. Donna unnecessarily points out that Heather is there as well, and Sarah isn't happy to see that Heather found out. "Doesn't she look cute in shorts?" Donna says of Rhonda, who surprisingly isn't throwing a shit-fit about being half-naked in front of everyone. Sarah angrily confronts Rhonda about lying to her and screwing her mom over. Rhonda tries to blame "Old Roman" for that, but Sarah, wisely, isn't buying it. Rhonda just falls back to her default position, which is that she isn't going back to the compound. "Of course not," Donna says wisely. "It's the American Taliban." Heather offers to let Rhonda stay with her, but Sarah shoots that idea down like Annie Oakley on speed. Out of nowhere, Donna idly says that she wants her boyfriend to "come over to the dippity glass room and give me an orgasm." Observing Rhonda's total non-reaction, she asks if Rhonda knows what that is. Well, I don't. Yes, I admit it…I know nothing about dippity glass flowers. Sarah snaps at Donna to quit trying to mess with Rhonda's head. Messing with people's heads is Rhonda's job, after all. Rhonda, meanwhile, has already latched onto the idea of staying at Heather's house. "Is it carpeted?" she wonders. Donna goes back to doing Rhonda's eye makeup. Jordan says that Rhonda could only stay one night. "And [Jordan's] dad is totally unstable," Donna adds. "He spends all his time in a karaoke bar getting drunk on lychee and gin." Off Heather's disturbed look, Donna mocks Heather for believing her and calls her a racist. As Jordan's mom starts yelling in Korean from somewhere else in the house and Jordan rushes to put out her cigarette, Rhonda makes a direct appeal to Sarah: "You and I were friends once, before all these awful things started happening." Awful things triggered by Rhonda's actions, mind you. But this, Sarah buys. She's her mother's daughter, all right.

Joey comes into his kitchen to find a strange woman sitting at his kitchen table and cuddling his son. I don't mean that she's strange in the sense that he doesn't know her, because he addresses her as "Kathy" with some surprise. I mean she's strange in the sense that she's got an insipid smile and is dressed like Whistler's mother. He asks what she's doing there. "Ron died on Tuesday," Kathy says. Okay, well, that explains the black dress. In 1869. Joey remembers his manners and says he's sorry. And then Lois comes in, in full-on yenta mode, grinning like a madwoman and saying of Kathy, "She is a natural with that baby." Whoa, out of line! Kathy smiles hopefully at Joey, who just bodily drags his mother from the cabin. Out in the yard, he yells at her for putting his wife in a nuthatch. "And rightly so," she says. "Now get back in there and show that poor young widow some courtliness." I'm so glad she said "some courtliness" instead of "a pickle tickle." I suspect it was a near thing. Disgusted, Joey starts to stomp off, but he comes back when Lois hollers after him, "I'm onto you, chico!" She knows that Joey thinks Wanda is the only one for him, which she calls "sicko love." and says that it's time for Joey to get married again already. Joey isn't interested. "Well, if you won't do it for me, than at least do it for Wanda!" Lois hollers at his retreating back. Yeah, Wanda needs someone to practice on.

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