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Rescue, Religion, And Revenge

Later, Bill's back in his office, telling his confidante Don that he took his ring off for the first time. Don asks if it's serious. Bill doesn't know. "I have no idea if it's the right time, but there I was," he says. Don says you can't plan these things, and asks if Bill has a testimony for her. "I don't even know her phone number," Bill says. Don tells him one step at a time, and leers, "Waitresses can be very appealing." Bill looks mildly shocked. I guess I should give him credit for not going for somebody younger than Margene this time. In fact, the actress playing Anna is older than Chloe Sevigny. At least he's keeping his hands off underage girls like the guy from the Attorney General's office said to.

Scott answers his door with his glasses off, and standing out in the hallway are Sarah, Heather, and Rhonda. He is understandably confused. "You shouldn't address me unchaperoned," the latter lectures him. Sarah tells Scott that Rhonda escaped from Juniper Creek, and invites them all in. "Are you two running some kind of underground railroad or something?" Scott wonders, not entirely sarcastically. Sarah asks Heather to show Rhonda around the apartment, even though Heather's never been there before either. Scott suggests they take a look at record collection in the other room, and after the obligatory "people who own actual LPs are old and people who don't know what LPs were are merely very young and not fucking morons" bit, Heather obliges, with Rhonda tagging along. Sarah tells Scott, belatedly, a little bit about the show he's on: "My dad grew up in Juniper Creek and his family's still there. His second wife is Roman Grant's daughter. You know who he is." Scott clearly does, and not in the about-to -ask-Sarah-for-his-autograph kind of way. "Rhonda is his fiancée. She's sixteen. She fled the compound, and she someday wants to be in the Top 40. And that guy, that night, was Alby, Roman's son. I think he's pretty unstable." While Scott is still trying to figure out how fast he can get the hell out of this relationship, Sarah asks if Rhonda can stay there. He is wisely not down with sheltering a teenage runaway in his apartment. "How'd you get mixed up in all this?" he asks Sarah. "It's my life," she answers, which is so, so sad. And so, so effective. Scott gets the idea of having his cousin come over so he's not alone with Rhonda. Sarah rewards him for his helpfulness with a big old kiss.

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