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Rescue, Religion, And Revenge

In the other room, Rhonda examines the giant Jimi Hendrix poster on the wall and observes, "He has the mark of Cain." Heather just shakes her head and remarks that Scott doesn't own records by anyone she's ever heard of. "And I have pretty eclectic taste," she claims. Rhonda latches onto Heather's mention of music, and Heather mentions that her mom's in the Tabernacle Choir. "It runs in the family." Rhonda comes and kneels on the floor in front of Heather, giving her what I'm sure she thinks is a friendly smile. Freaked out by the sudden attention, Heather looks up into the next room for Sarah and Scott, like, what are they doing? And are they done yet?. Of course they're not. Heather and Rhonda exchange a look. Kids, they both appear to be thinking.

At a full homes plus dinner, Bill says grace, remembering to include a mention of Teeny's Honeybees merit badge in first aid. Which is sweet, as Teeny beams proudly. As soon as the food starts getting passed around, Nicki starts right in on bitching about Wayne's school. Everyone thinks Nicki is overreacting about the "indoctrinating" that she says is going on. She demonstrates this by having Wayne tell the dinner table that Wednesday is the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Margene giggles indulgently at Wayne's proud delivery, but Nicki's not amused. "What do they assume?" Ben asks sincerely, and Wayne tells him that it's "when Mary's body and soul ascended into Heaven." Margene isn't worried about it, but Nicki is bothered enough by it to want to find Wayne another school. "Are we rich?" Teeny asks. Ha! Margene disgustedly points out that Nicki was the one who pushed for the school in the first place. Of course she was. Bill wants to put off the discussion for now, but Nicki maintains, "Children can't resist that black magic hocus-pocus Catholic pageantry." ["She's got that right. God knows we couldn't wait to go to church every Sunday." -- Joe R] Margene's kind of offended, since she herself went to Catholic school. "With a lot of non-Catholics," she adds, although she doesn't say that she was one of them. Barb points out that it took a lot of work to get into the school. Seeing that this topic is threatening to take over the entire meal, Bill summons Nicki into the kitchen for some "ice."

The discussion continues in there. Bill is so not on board with changing schools, and we learn another reason why everyone else is for it: "It's far enough away that I can be a father to [Wayne] in public." With those billboards? Where is it, in Albuquerque? Nicki says the school doesn't fit their values. Bill says that's life in the big city, and Nicki's going to have to trust him to manage Wayne's religious education. Barb enters the kitchen to make sure everything is all right, and because she's pretty sure she didn't do enough meddling in the first part of this scene. She says that she wants Nicki to have a place where she can be public with Bill, "Especially after everything that's happened to you and your family." Nicki seems defeated. Could it be that with the estrangement from her family and the compound, for good as far as she knows, she's more motivated than ever to hold on to her own traditions? Or is she just a selfish asshole? Discuss.

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