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Will They Or Won't They?

Over at Nicki's, bedtime preparations are afoot. Nicki tells Bill that Stuart Kimball just tried him on the cell phone, and that segues right into a spat about the Leadership League. Nicki's opposed to the idea: "You up there in the Leadership League and Barb parading around on some Fourth of July float as mother of the year? What happens to me and Margie in this picture? What happens to us as a family?" Bill protests, "Barb just got through dealing with her sister. You know that makes her feel like you-know-what. And she's completely cut off from her mother. I understand why she needed joining the League translates to putting food on the table. All of our tables." Nicki wants to know if this is about money and Bill protests, "It's not about money! It's about dreams." Nicki shoots back that Bill's putting his dreams before the welfare of his family. Bill protests that he's doing this for the welfare of his family, and Nicki shouts, "Which family? The family you had seven years ago, or the family you have now?" Bill says exactly the wrong thing with, "You're hypersensitive. Being the second wife is what you're upset about." Nick gets the last word by flushing the toilet as Bill showers. Bill jumps around in protest. Great! Here I had been thinking, "I feel like I only know what Bill Paxton's ass looks like in still life. If only I had a motion study..."

Cut to Salt Lake City, and a train platform contained therein. Heather's listening to her iPod. Sarah gets impatient with Heather's obvious attempts to ignore her and yanks out an earbud to ask, "What's going on?" Heather lies and says, "Nothing," and Sarah calls her on it. Heather blurts out, "I think we should help Rhonda...there are places we can take her, places we can go. Help for Child Brides, Justice for Children, the Child Protection Project -- they can help her get away." Sarah protests she can't do that. Heather admits that yes, it puts Sarah in a weird situation, but they do have ways they can help Rhonda. Sarah snaps, "Maybe it's not what we want for her. Maybe she has an opinion. She's a person." Heather points out this person is being forced into marriage to Roman Grant. Sarah protests vehemently, "Heather! Don't ask me to defend it. It's horrible! But I can't do anything about it." Heather isn't having it: "This is not right, Sarah." Sarah says viciously, "It'll put my family at risk, and I'm not going to do that." The two of them pointedly separate, then continue to wait for the train. Awkward.

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