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Will They Or Won't They?

Anyway, Margene is wearing a look normally reserved for people who are riveted to their screen by the tractor beam-like powers of Cute Overload and she says, "I'm happy. I love you both so much!" Nicki says coolly in response, "You're overheated. Put on a hat."

While all of this is going on, Bill is cooling his heels at a restaurant table. For those of you who are not (un)lucky enough to have a lot of hardcore golfers in the family: he's obviously waiting at the clubhouse restaurant, because the brick patio he's sitting on appears to open right onto the back nine. So here's your shorthand for the scene: exclusive venue, traditional trappings of privilege, Bill nervous. When Bill's tardy breakfast partner finally arrives, his progress is hampered as everybody in the restaurant attempts to glad-hand him. Bill rises in greeting; he and Stuart Kimball shake hands hello. There's some chit-chat about golf and Bill covers nicely with, "My wife and I used to play. I'm more the hunter-fisherman type." Then Stuart gets down to business, explaining, "I am the chairman of recruitment for the Salt Lake Leadership League -- a group of businessmen who come together to promote the city and state." Bill gushes, "I'm well-versed in the League, sir. I'm an admirer. You're not just a networking group -- you're true benefactors." Stuart continues, "We're impressed with you too. We would like to invite you to be a member. And I would like to be your sponsor." Bill is thrilled. Apparently for middle-aged dudes, this is like the equivalent of getting asked to the prom or something. He then comes back down to earth and warns that he may not have the time, what with all the business expansion and the three wives and the father-in-law from hell. He doesn't mention those last two things. Stuart warns him that they don't just ask anybody, but he can wait on an answer.

When Bill gets to work, Wendy greets him with the news that Ernest Holloway is waiting for him over in the housewares section. It figures Wendy would be the one keeping tabs on him. Bill heads down there, and Ernest hands over a paper sack filled with his Juniper Creek stock certificates. Holloway adds, "They talked about you at the UEB meeting yesterday. They joked for over half an hour over all the ways they'd like to see you gone. They also talked about negotiating a contract with NASA, to sell clay from their mines in Moab, to build heat shields on the shuttle." Bill comments ruefully, "They don't believe we went to the moon, yet they're doing business with the agency that didn't go there." Bill plans to take the shares to his lawyer to see if he can buy 'em.

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