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Will They Or Won't They?

In one of Henrickson's homes plus, Bill is watching a video of that impression-making speech. We hear him saying, "I was born into the worst kind of ignorance. There, in the shadow of a corrupt system parading as religion, polygamy. There are kind and gentle people trapped in that system. I was thrown out on the streets and forced to make it on my own. And I did so with the help, compassion and generosity of this church." Bill pauses the speech, then calls Stuart. He leaves a message explaining that he just has too much going on right now to consider membership. Bill hangs up, already second-guessing his decision. Well, you should. There are a great many things you should be re-evaluating, Bill, including your apparent reconciliation with "a corrupt system parading as religion." Bill looks at his younger self, freeze-framed on the TV, very probably before things like cancer and shady financial deals complicated his moral life.

He hits the play button again, and the regret is etched on every line in his face. Bill looks like he's acutely longing to return to that exact moment. The Bill on the screen says, "I'm on a journey. Everything I've told you today is true." We switch back to the Bill watching that surefooted traveler, and he looks lost. As we hear the Bill on screen say, "As my journey changes, I don't know where it will lead me," we see Margene come over and stand next to Bill's chair. She looks at the television. The old Bill tells us, "I walk it fearlessly." This Bill -- he of the security systems and turning down long-hoped-for goals for fear of discovery -- can only turn to look at Margene's stomach. We end with Bill leaning into her belly for affection, and Margene looking down, not understanding at all what this is all about.

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