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Will They Or Won't They?

We go back to Hendrickson's' homes plus and get another shot of Margene laboring in the fields. Now she's hoeing away as she amends the tilled soil. Benny's helping her out. Inside the kitchen, Barb and Sarah are doing dishes. Barb too-casually mentions that Rhonda's coming this afternoon. Sarah warily asks for how long, and Barb says evasively, "For spring break. She's representing Juniper Creek in a drama competition." Sarah asks where Rhonda's staying, and her tone is sharp and wary enough that Barb's inspired to lecture, "It's easy to sit around and pass judgment. It's more difficult and meaningful to love someone." I would rather sit around and pass judgment, thanks. Sarah protests that not only do she and Rhonda have nothing in common, Rhonda stole her iPod. Instead of being outraged that her nutjob in-laws treat her kids' rooms like luxury lounges at Sundance, Barb's all, "Well, now that she's here, you can be a good example and blah blah blah non-confrontation and wishful thinking about how we're a normal, healthy family." And wow, it must suck to be Sarah and know that your mom is not going to have your back when Prairie Bride Gone Wild decides to go shopping in your closet.

Sarah ducks out of the conversation to answer the phone. It's Brynne. She passes this information along to Ben, who is not, shall we say, thrilled to hear from her. He asks Sarah, "Tell her I'll call her back?" and Sarah snaps, "You want me to lie again? No thank you -- do your own dirty work." Margene takes in the interaction. Amusingly, she's now wearing a hat. Sort of. It's on a string around her neck. Sarah does end up talking to Brynne as Benny returns to Margene's dirty work, hoeing the manure into the soil.

Margene asks if everything's okay, and Ben curtly says he doesn't want to talk to Brynne right now. Margene asks why, and Ben says, "I think maybe we're moving too fast. Does that sound stupid?" He looks ashamed as he says this, but really, out of all his dad's wives, this is the one least likely to flip out about that prospect. Margene says, gently and fervently, "Hold back, Benny. Please hold back -- you'll regret it if you don't." He already does, Margene. There's a little subtext-loaded exchange about how Margene wasn't "as smart as" Ben and how he's lucky for being taught that sex is something sacred. O, the not-at-all-amusing irony of it all. Well, it's not amusing if you're Ben. I personally am getting a little of that omniscient-observer kick out of this scene.

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