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Will They Or Won't They?

Cut to Barb prepping her house for the photog from the Salt Lake City Tribune. The minute the guy arrives, she feigns having forgotten about the appointment. Damn, Nicki was right! Barb does lie well, and frequently. The photographer wants to shoot in the kitchen -- "that's where most families really live" -- but Barb steers him to the dining room, as then there is no risk of him checking out the back yard. The photographer comments on how enormous the table is, and Barb babbles nervously, "We do a lot of hobbies here -- model ships, planes, cars, puzzles…busy, you know?" Teeny comes down then and gets sent back to get Ben and Sarah.

Alerted by the flashes of light coming through the blinds, Nicki decides it's time to assume the mantle of Enforcer Wife yet again.

We go to the living room, where Barb is surrounded by her three lovely and remarkably well-groomed children. Things are going swimmingly until Nicki slides open the pocket door separating the dining room from the kitchen and comes in with the boys. The photographer asks, "Hey! Who are these little guys?" Barb is wearing an expression that suggests they're the spawn of an unholy succubus. Whom, of course, she loves. She told Margene so, remember? Barb introduces her neighbor Nicki and the two sons. Wayne asks adenoidally, "Aren't we going to be in the picture, Barbara." The photographer says kindly, "This is just for family, little guy." Nicki just stands there silently. Awkward. And also, kind of mordantly funny, coming as it does on the heels of the Aren't-we-great-with-all-our-progress talk.

We then switch to photographs of Bill -- they're surveillance-cam photos of Bill hanging with Holloway and his wives at Henrickson's Home Plus. Alby's showing them to Roman on a schmancy PowerBook. This actually raises a good question: what is the preferred OS of polygamist cultists? I realize that the Mac does inspire cult-like behavior, and open source is its own religion, but I think there's something about the oppressive and incomprehensible nature of Windows XP that would make polygamist cultists feel right at home. Anyway, the jig is up for Holloway. And we now know that Alby's got some way of accessing Bill's security system.

And now Lee Hatcher gets to deal with another Mrs. Henrickson. He comes into the conference room where Margene is waiting with Lester and Aaron. She's got them both dressed up, including little pastel baseball hats, and it's just adorable. Frankly, I'm stunned that Margene went to the effort; I can only recall one other scene in the series where it looked like she actually enjoyed paying attention to her children. Margene says she's there to change her will. Lee ducks out to take a phone call, and his secretary comes in to say, "I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you earlier. I have that new will for you." Margene appreciatively says, "Wow! That was fast!" Margene reads the will carefully, using her index finger to carefully mark her place, and looks up, saying, "No, that isn't right. I want to leave them to Barb, not take them from her. Wait...I'm not Nicki. I'm Margie." The legal secretary makes the oh-no face and goes to grab the will, but Margene pulls it toward her with a don't-you-dare look and continues to read.

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