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Future Big Shots Crossover Episodes

Big Shots isn't the worst show in the world. However.

The pilot employs every visual country-club cliché available, right down to the pink-and-green Lilly Pulitzer attire and the lovingly Lemon-Pledged dark wood paneling...then pairs it with a peppy horn number by, evidently, The Shinnecock Hills Mariachi Sextet, and then all of a sudden Dylan McDermott is thrusting and sweating...and that's just the first 20 seconds. Never mind the fact that the press has already saddled Big Shots with the "Sex & the City for boys" label; given that the "inappropriate sex behind closed doors in an inappropriate venue" trope is only slightly hoarier than the pregnant lady going into labor in a stuck elevator, the show could have some serious trouble getting, or keeping, viewers.

In short, it looks like Big Shots is one of the big stinkers on the fall slate -- even kinder reviews seem baffled as to the reasons for the show's existence -- and while maybe it's just the pilot that's assy, ABC might have to resort to some extreme measures to drive up the ratings. Extreme measures like...crossover episodes. TWoP got hold of the ABC's secret draft of potential show mash-ups. We've published it below, but we must warn you: unlike Michael Vartan, it isn't pretty.

Big Shots In Trees
Feeling weighed down by the trappings of success, our heroes embark on a male-bonding outdoor weekend in Alaska. Duncan (Dylan McDermott) tries unsuccessfully to woo Marin, and Marin tries equally unsuccessfully to de-neuroticize Karl (Josh Malina); meanwhile, Brody (Christopher Titus) and James (Michael Vartan) find themselves in that most instructional of television locations: the Native American sweat lodge.

Lost Shots

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