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Future Big Shots Crossover Episodes

Our heroes appear in flashback as wealthy victims of a Sawyer con -- but although Sawyer thinks he's left this episode well in the past, the discovery of the heretofore unknown Golf Pants Station reveals that Sawyer's erstwhile marks have come back to haunt him.

Ugly Big Shots
After losing his shirt at poker, Duncan must make good on his bets by donning a hideous Guadalajara poncho and braces -- and wearing it to work at his cosmetics company. James, Karl, and Brody tease him initially, but the men all come to learn a very important lesson about inner beauty (and itchy wools).

Big Shots' Anatomy
In a food-poisoning-nightmare episode inspired by the second-season Sopranos finale, James dreams that he and his three friends are not successful CEOs, but interns at Seattle Grace hospital. Clueless about medicine and saddled with nicknames like "McHairy," "McPudgy," "McDouchey," and "Blitzen," the guys soon discover that everything they touch does turn to gold -- comedy gold. Can James wake up before Duncan kills a patient, or what's left of Shonda Rhimes's credibility? Tune in and find out!

Dirty Sexy Big Shots
Greg Berlanti takes over the troubled show and makes it good. Well, better, anyway.

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