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It's now dusk, as Karl arrives home and gingerly opens the front door and enters. He heads for the living room, and as he rounds the corner, he first sees Wendy and then Marla, as his balls recede into his body, never to be seen again. Thankfully. Wendy stands and, for the "benefit" of the audience, lugubriously asks Karl how he could keep "this" from her, and adds that she's shocked as Marla sports a shit-eating grin. Karl thinks Marla told Wendy about the affair, as if anyone would behave this mildly were that the case, and then, of course, we learn that it's not -- Marla, in fact, told Wendy that Karl hired her as a decorator. So she's making Karl massively uncomfortable and taking him for lots of cash to boot? If her taste in men is any indication, her decorating skills are probably atrocious, but I'm nonetheless starting to like her. Especially given how much she's savoring the moment.

Lisbeth is sitting alone in a restaurant (...she wouldn't wait at the bar? Okay) when Duncan appears and joins her. Lisbeth complains that her date will be there any minute (...she keeps Duncan apprised of her dating venues in advance? Come ON, show) but Duncan tells her he needs to talk to her about Cameron, and complains that she's headstrong. He orders a vodka tonic from the waiter, and Lisbeth snappishly adds, "To go." Heh. Anyway, Duncan doesn't think the job is going to work out, prompting Lisbeth to speculate that Cameron will be disappointed, but it won't be the first time. She adds that Cameron is angry with him. He defensively says that he's given her everything she's ever asked for, but Lisbeth replies, "Did you ever notice that after she turned twelve, she stopped asking?" I'd guess he was just psyched to have more money to spend on golf accessories and tranny hookers. In a softer tone, Lisbeth says that Duncan is a good man. Even grading on a curve, I'd have to opine that we've seen little evidence of that. She winds up by saying that it's not too late to start being a better father, and it's nice of her not to add that it wouldn't exactly be difficult either. He asks her if she was this pretty when they were married, and she immediately responds that she was prettier, but he "never stopped long enough to notice." That comment could be taken a number of ways, and all of them probably apply here. He notes that if she gets serious with her date, there won't be any more wine-cellar trysts for them, and she evenly agrees. Dropping the skeeviness, he asks her to call him afterward, and she laughs and says that if they ever got back together, he'd lose interest in her completely. Even though he said the same thing in almost so many words earlier in the episode, he breathes, "Try me." Lisbeth: "Maybe. Just not tonight." You know, other than Stacey, the women in this show so far aren't really too objectionable. Other than, at the risk of repeating myself, their taste. Just to bring Stacey back into the equation.

Back at Karl's, Wendy's left the room to fix drinks, so Karl gets to ask Marla what's going on. Marla hisses that she didn't tell Wendy; she was going to, but then she realized that Wendy's not the one she wants to hurt. Her star certainly keeps rising. She goes on that she hit it off with Wendy, and she's smart and sweet and so funny! "How you can not appreciate her is beyond me. She's a gem!" Other than the whole Nanny Diaries thing, I think I agree. Wendy comes back in with a drink for Karl and apologizes for it being a little strong, but Karl chugs what looks like almost-straight Scotch and heads off for another. Whatever.

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