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In his office, James is looking at a photo of him and Stacey when Nia Long enters; she says she never liked Stacey. "Even when I said I did, I didn't. But of course, if you decide to take her back, I'll deny ever saying that." Nia Long, you got an "aw" from me. Savor it -- it's not going to happen often on this show. Nia Long, I should say, is another one giving it her all here, and luckily for her, the writers aren't doing quite so miserable a job with her dialogue. Nia Long fills him in on the office gossip (although she says she had to find out that way, and I don't know who James would have told if not her): "The men hate her, and the women are trying to figure out when you'll be ready to date." I'd imagine there's some gender crossover in both directions there. Nia Long unfortunately gets saddled with some crap line about the heart, but sincerely tells James he's a great guy and a lot of women will see that. And talk about it. On the internet. A lot. Turns out, though, that Stacey isn't the only thing on James's mind -- he's just been named CEO of Amerimart. He must be pondering how he's going to track down all those brilliant kids when they insist on hiding in garages. Nia Long does an excellent job of tempering her happiness for him with some regret that she didn't get the job, and then lightens things up as she says she's late for a conference call, and she doesn't want to get off on the wrong foot with the new boss. As she goes, he, having sensed which way the wind is blowing, asks her if he knows any of the women who think he's so great, and Nia Long smiles: "Just the one that's gonna take your job if you screw it up." They twinkle at each other, and sure, that's another "Aw!" Mostly because I don't get to see Vartan smile often enough.

Cameron is slaving away in the storeroom when we get a floor-height view of a couple of stilettos, and she looks up to see Dontrelle, who says she's looking for Duncan. I understand the darlings of Wall Street don't have mean things like security at their front desks. That's why everyone loves them! Cameron breaks into a smile as she says she does, in fact.

Back at Firmwood, they've apparently cleared out the afternoon wake in time for Brody's wife's party. There's live music and swing dancing that actually looks pretty fun, especially since Wendy and Marla are dancing with each other, which is, happily, causing Karl some consternation. Cameron then appears with Dontrelle in tow, and Duncan goes rushing over, grabs Dontrelle by the arm, and hurries her away. I guess she was really good after all. Brody's wife, whose face we don't really even see, gives him a kiss on the cheek, and then he tells James that "Johnelle" is thrilled, and while he bitches about her, she's got this other side, and they fit. How magnifiizzzzzzz. Further mention of Napoleons that I won't be recapping...

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