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Isn't It Ironic...

...and then Duncan is paying Dontrelle a thousand bucks to forget she ever met him. Dontrelle: "For a grand, I can forget almost anything." Heh. Cut to him leading her out, but they run into the boys, and when Duncan introduces her, they all look slightly terrified. I only wish Dontrelle would go over and start dancing with Wendy and Marla. Dontrelle says the boys are cute. Duncan: "They know you're packin'." Dontrelle: "Worth a shot." I agree with you thirty-three and a third percent. When she's gone, Brody giggles until he sees Stacey enter, and his smile fades as he gets James's attention.

Cut to the two of them sitting out by the pool. Stacey doesn't offer any explanation, probably because there isn't one. I mean, seriously -- the guy was an asshole, I'm sure he wasn't going to leave his wife, she's married to James, who seems like a good guy and is also Michael Vartan -- how are we supposed to have any connection to or sympathy for her? James is regretful that Stacey wasn't there with him when he got the CEO job, and she tells him he could just come home, but you know, forget the explanation -- I don't think we've even heard an apology yet. I hope this character is gone after this episode. Keeping that hope alive, James walks away from her.

Dontrelle gives a happy smile as she waves at Duncan from a departing cab. Cam waves back at her, and then asks Duncan if he and Dontrelle were involved, and Duncan responds by asking her not to tell her mom. Cam, amused but also kind of glad to see a different side of her dad, says the two of them are more alike than she thought. "We both have trouble getting out of our own ways." And here I thought she was going to say that they both don't want no more of the crying game. They agree that they're probably not going to stop giving each other shit, and then they smile at each other as Cam remarks, "At least we know where we stand." And that's something Duncan's placed a premium on ever since Yonkers. Cam heads to her car and wishes "Duncan" a good night. He tells her she can call him "Dad," and she says she knows. "Good night, Duncan." He smiles ruefully and remarks to himself, "Baby steps." Good way to sum up that scene. It was kind of nice!

Okay, some guy is singing "Witchcraft," only instead of "that sly come-hither stare," he leaves out the "come." Seriously. "That sly hither stare." Seriously. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? That may be the most bothersome thing in the episode, which I don't have to tell you is saying a lot. Oy. As James returns to the main room, we hear Wendy introducing Marla as her best friend. Hee. We still only see Johnelle's back, so I guess they hadn't cast this role when they shot the pilot. James sits with the guys, and Duncan informs him that they're talking about the women in their lives who make them "absolutely crazy." So boring, God. Brody says it's just his wife; James says it's just Stacey, although we clearly know Nia Long will be in the picture; for Karl it's Wendy and Marla, obviously; and Duncan says it's two and a half -- Lisbeth, Cameron, and Dontrelle for the half. They toast Dontrelle...

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