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Isn't It Ironic...

...and she's quite pretty, with piercing blue eyes that let you believe she and Duncan could in fact be related. A waiter drops a vodka tonic off for Duncan, and she contemptuously notes it's his third. "I didn't know you had to get loaded to face your daughter." I already like her well enough that I'm going to forgive the newsboy cap. Duncan makes a weak comeback, and Cameron informs him that while she appreciates the Cobb salad (the delivery of that line cracked me up for some reason) she's not going back to school, especially since his life turned out fine without a degree. "Professionally, at least." Duncan asks Cameron to call him "Dad," prompting her to bite out that "Dad" was the man who raised her since she was eight (he's been divorced from Lisbeth for eleven years?) and died of a stroke the year before. Sounds like a good guy -- probably no cash bar at his funeral. Cameron goes on that she's smart and gives "good meeting," and she'll find a decent job, to which Duncan slurringly asks what the market is for "overentitled nineteen-year-olds with smart mouths." Ooh, she's going to work at the Apple Store? Anyway, I like Cameron, but the bitchery here gets repetitive, so let's skip ahead to the part where she says that if Duncan wants to act like her dad, he should prove it by giving her a job. There's no reaction shot of Duncan, which is too bad, because a spot of sheer terror could have livened things up, at least for me.

In a room at the Pierre (GOD, show, get the fuck away from Mad Men), Kurt makes a stupid and far-too-long joke about how Marla should patent some of her moves, and then the blonde bimbo in question pours champagne on his chest and starts kissing it off. Unfortunately, Marla asks a bunch of questions about what Karl still does with his wife, and when she hears they go to couple's therapy, she decides she wants to do that with Karl as well. Karl is reluctant, but Marla threatens to withhold the apparently mind-blowing sex...

...and then the two of them are at therapy with the same doctor. Okay, I mean, there are contrivances you can make fun of and forgive, especially if this is meant as a throwaway (which it isn't, but I really don't want to talk about the scenes from next week), but this would never, ever happen for a billion reasons, even if Marla perversely insisted on going to the same therapist, so you know, blah whatever bullshit. What you need to know: Marla's an interior designer. What you don't need to know, but will anyway because I am a bitter person who likes to spread the pain around: she makes lactose-intolerant Karl feel like a porn star. Karl doubles the therapist's fee, and everybody's "happy."

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