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My God, this show. Right down to the episode title. Brody's the hairless one, okay, but he's not tall or dark, so who's tall? Who's dark? Who got left out? Well, I guess if you label Vartan as the tall and McDermott as the dark, you can leave out Malina, which works for me. Forget I said anything!

Establishing shot of a private jet; inside, Brody gets a phone call from his wife, who's impatiently waiting for him at home, since it's their weekly sex night. He whines that he's in a G5, but she's apparently unmoved, so he asks the flight attendant if the plane can go any faster. Sure. "Air traffic regulations be damned! My basically nonexistent wife needs some!" We also get the chyron introducing us to Brody (and to the other three principals in turn), but I ain't recapping that again.

We fly into a hotel room on Central Park South where, under a sheet, two bodies are doing their best to writhe passionately without actually touching each other. Nevertheless, we're supposed to believe that Karl and Marla just had a hot, sweaty session, at least according to the glistening sheen on both of them that some PA no doubt slaved away to perfect. On another note, why is Marla still sleeping with Karl? I mean, as ridiculous as this show is, it should follow its own storylines, and last we knew, Marla despised Karl. Karl compliments "that thing" she did with her elbow, and I'd be willing to do something to him with my elbow, but I somehow doubt he'd find it that pleasant. Elbows as erotica? Am I really that sheltered? Marla says they need to talk, but not here...

...and then Brody and Marla are in couples therapy again, like, what? I know this show is trying to amuse with its "Look how silly and ridiculous we are! Isn't that funny?" No, it's just not. There's no reason, even within the preposterousness of the show, that Marla and Brody need to have this conversation here. The therapist adds nothing. I mean, they're trying to do the unexpected, which is one of the essences of comedy, but you can't fall into the completely inane while doing so. And also, they've beaten this joke into the ground already, not that they're remotely close to done. If the whole show were farce, maybe, but you can't have a "look how hilarious infidelity is!" subplot alongside James being devastated at his marriage breaking up. Doesn't work. Okay, I'll stop now. Except for the part where they change Karl's company from "Fidelity Pharmaceuticals" to "Devotion Pharmaceuticals," like the idea behind that joke was so funny but they just didn't quite pick the right word the first time! Groan.

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