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Booted If You Do, Booted If You Don't
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Previously on A Man's Man, Man: Judd, Cindy, Rafe, and Steph looked to be headed for F4, with Danni and Lydia battling for fifth and sixth place and the opportunity to spend as little time as possible in sequester with Judd, Jamie, Gary, and Bobby Jon. When the auction offered an even better shot at immunity, the rest of the group let Danni have it easily, because keeping your game plan for a million dollars in place is good, but it's no plate of cookies, after all. Judd bought his own wife at the auction, and took Steph and Cindy and their waxed boyfriend and chirpy sister (respectively) along on the reward, leaving Rafe to be sent off with Danni and Lydia. In exile, a new plan began to emerge, known as Operation Judd Has Been Here Way Too Long Already. And believe me, it is a plan with which I was entirely on board. After Danni caught Judd keeping his options open with Lydia and deftly tattled to Steph, Judd's stock began to drop like a rock. And at tribal council, Danni and Lydia joined forces with Rafe and Steph to get rid of Judd, who was such a good sport that he had absolutely no hard feelings except for hoping that everyone who voted against him got eaten by crocodiles. And wanting animals to eat people isn't that hard a feeling, after all. One boot left to get to the final four. Who will get the axe tonight and not make it to the interminable finale except in the capacity of Embittered Snotty Juror?

Credits. Wow, I really miss Blake. No, I'm just kidding, of course.

On the night of Day 33, after tribal council, the final five are standing around the fire discussing the booting of Judd. Steph says that although she felt bad about booting Judd, she felt somewhat less bad when he went all nutty on them and started calling everybody scumbags: "I mean, he almost started to turn into Jamie a little bit." I guess "Jamie" is now slang for "crazy person" around camp, which is both sad and funny. Danni, meanwhile, interviews quietly that this was the break in the big alliance that she was praying for all along. She did hold on admirably through a lengthy period during which it appeared that she was doomed, which she no longer seems to be. I like how, when she has an interview snippet, they still put up that caption that says, "Sports Radio Host." Like people are going to be watching the show at this point going, "Now, wait. Which one is Danni? Oh, the sports radio host. That's right." It would be much more useful if they really think people are joining the party late to caption her something like, "Not So Strong In Challenges, But Less Bitchy Than Most." That would give you some actual information.

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