Bill and Gary’s Excellent Adventure

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Back at HQ, Bill gets off the phone to explain to the others (including Rosen) that Gary got himself arrested for illegal parking, resisting arrest, and impersonating a federal officer. After joking that Gary will be out in about fifteen years, Bill heads out to take care of it, but not without some extra snark about the "amateurs" he's working with.

At the police station, while picking up Gary, Bill makes conversation with one of the cops about a kidnapping case in progress, the victim being the daughter of someone who's supposedly being targeted by some drug cartel. And wouldn't you know it? Not only is she the girl from the opening scene, but also the cell phone video transmission Gary picked up and traced to Fourth and Broadway. Bill's on the case, just like that.

Gary has led Bill to a sewer grate, which Bill super-strengths open to get at the phone inside. While Bill de-jackets and gloves up, he explains to Gary that he's about to get kicked out of the FBI for good (which explains why he was trying to sell the DCIS angle to his wife earlier), but if he can solve this high-profile case to save the daughter of one of the richest men in New York, he might get back in. I'm sure the Feds will be thrilled with how he kept vital information to himself. Even more unwisely, Bill nominates Gary as his "partner" on this, which means he'll be taking even more shit from Gary than he just fished that cell phone out of.

At the elevators, Nina is accosted by a Detective Kellerman, who she's so keen to avoid that she Pushes him out of there, right in front of Cameron. Naturally Cameron is curious, so Nina tells him that Kellerman thinks she killed someone. "That enough information for you?" Since he doesn't seem to have any follow-up questions, I guess so.

Bill has brought the cell phone (and Gary) to the FBI's operations center to try to horn in on the investigation. Wouldn't you know it -- the agent in charge, Persky, is the same dude Bill used as a handball in the first place, not that the show goes out of its way to make that clear right away. Bill also meets Collier, the kidnapped girl's father, who I recognize from Season Seven of 24; and her bodyguard, who I recognize from the opening scene, and would probably also recognize from one of those Stargate shows if I knew from Stargate. Gary is of course doing all he can to derail the scene (although we do learn that he's a .32 on the CARS scale, so there's that). Collier decides that even though the phone is technically untraceable, Bill and "Agent Bell" (which Gary really digs being called) are in, so they're in.

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