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In some tenement apartment, the kidnappers (army war vets, as we learn from their heavy-handed dialogue) bicker about the found phone while the kidnapped girl lies half-conscious on a cot, hooked up to an IV. Their dialogue also indicates that they're doing this for pay, so that's another clue. I have a clue for them: don't kidnap people.

It's getting dark as Rosen makes excuses (read: lies) on the phone to Gary's mom. Apparently Bill and Gary haven't checked in, so now Rachel and Rosen have to go find them. That should go well.

Bill and Gary are apparently busy shaking down a snitch at a Mexican restaurant in one of the more Grand Theft Auto areas of town. He's not cooperative, until Gary's babbling about "the compound" and Bill's Vadering of him clear off the deck seems to loosen his tongue.

Cameron goes all the way over to Nina to apologize to her in person. She doesn't seem too keen to get rid of him.

Over a Mexican dinner, Bill and Gary discuss how the snitch said the cartel wasn't behind the kidnapping at all, but it's not enough yet to take to the FBI. Fortunately, Gary intercepts a call from the kidnappers to the Feds, scheduling a $10 million drop in nine hours. They'll call back in an hour with a location, but hang up before the Feds have time trace the call. As Bill points out, Gary can trace it himself. They'll just have to rush back to the precinct so Gary can get a better signal. Bill packs up their food (which Gary just painstakingly separated) and they're off.

We next see them on a street corner at 11:14, Gary sorting through the streaming signals while Bill stresses out about whether they missed the call. "If you find that phone I'm going to let you drive," Bill promises. (By the way, Gary's been agitating to drive since the pilot, I just haven't gotten into it. There's only so many details you can fit in a weecap, after all.) So Gary's good and motivated now, and seconds later he finds the call, which was made late. But of course Bill isn't about to let Gary drive without lessons. If Gary knew the phrase "dick move," he'd be using it now. Unfortunately he just uses a lot more words.

Nina's showing Cameron around her apartment, which contains such items as Bill Murray's hat from Caddyshack. Apparently Nina used to be quite the indiscriminate wild Pusher before Rosen met her, which is how she got the hat. She couldn't have Pushed him into not making Garfield? Unfortunately for her, this topic gives Cameron an opening to bring up the cop she Pushed earlier. Cameron keeps pressing (probably because he feels an affinity for a cop who clearly uses the same kind of razor that Cameron does) until Nina admits that she once told an asshole ex-boyfriend in a fight, "Why don't you do me a favor and kill yourself?" Which, of course, he did and even though this was before Nina knew what she could do, she still feels pretty rotten about it. Cameron advises telling Kellerman the truth. They have a moment, and the next thing we know they're making out. Wow, unsolicited advice never works that way for me.

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