Bill and Gary’s Excellent Adventure

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Gary has led Bill to some dive bar and despite Bill's warnings to "keep a low profile," Gary loudly points out the kidnapper with the phone. Who, of course, makes a run for it, barring the back door behind him. Bill busts through, but the kidnapper shoots back at him before running away. And Gary's on the floor moaning. Out past his bedtime and shot? Oh, man, is his mom going to be pissed.

But first, the Feds are. At least Gary's wound is from Bill pushing him down, not from a bullet. Persky yells at Bill for scaring off the suspect, and the bodyguard adds that the ransom's now been jacked up to $15 million. And with that, Persky orders Bill and Gary arrested, and the girl's father threatens them that he'll hold them responsible if anything bad happens to his daughter. Smooth move, Bill.

Looks like Rosen and Rachel gave up on the search for Bill and Gary, because Rachel's back home. In fact, she walks in on a half-naked Nina and Cameron making out on the living room couch, so it looks like those two are giving up on what they were after as well. Cameron takes off, with a last word to Nina to think about what he said about Kellerman. That's what he wants her to remember?

Bill and Gary are locked in the drunk tank and Bill's beating himself up for screwing this up. Too bad he isn't using his super strength to do it. He's upset about what this means for his chance to get back in the bureau (now gone) and his wife (who's going to find out he's been lying to her), but in more immediate news, Rosen has finally shown up. In the parking garage, Rosen is giving Bill a dressing-down and when Bill asks for his help, it makes it even worse. From inside Rosen's car, Gary reminds Bill that it's 5:07 and the drop's at eight, so they have to go. Bill and Gary make the case that they're the only ones who can help, and if they don't the girl's going to die. Rosen seems convinced, probably because that "only we can do this" thing is pretty much the argument he's been making since day one.

At the kidnappers' apartment, meanwhile, one of them gets off the phone with their very angry boss and shoots the one who keeps dumping phones and almost getting caught in bars. The kidnapped girl looks pretty upset at seeing this. She should probably be glad there aren't a lot of wood chippers in Manhattan.

The rest of the Alphas are all back at the office with horizontal morning sunlight streaming through the window as Bill briefs the team, but more importantly, humbly thanks them for their help. They all exchange glances at this complete reversal in Bill's character, even though it's still delivered in his standard blank-faced monotone. Gary reports that, according to a call he just picked up, Persky the bouncy FBI boss and Sarah the sucky bodyguard are going to make the drop. What could go wrong? Later, Gary has tapped into the FBI's GPS system and traced the drop to the Bronx Zoo, which, as Bill and Cameron point out, is a shitty place for kidnappers to set up a drop what with all the people around. At eight in the morning?

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