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Bill Sussman

Previously, Nancy was still indentured to U-Turn, whose businesses included substances harsher than mere weed, Nancy got a fucking job with Smarmy Matthew Modine, Silas finally got to follow in his mommy's footsteps, and Andy's gung-ho little army buddy was felled by a remote-control airplane.

After a countrified "Little Boxes," we see Andy has escaped the desert and had holed up inside Doug's office. He shows Doug the video of poor Rodriguez's unlikely fate -- Andy thinks it's a Pat Tillman situation -- but he isn't really in a place to process Doug's aggressive ignorance right now. The phone rings and Doug answers it, despite Andy thinking it'll bring about his death. A gruff voice on the other end demands to speak with Andy and tells Doug, "You know who this is!" Al Cowlings? (It's razor-sharp wit like that that made me TWoP's top recapper of 1994.) Doug hangs up and freaks to Andy that the military is so going to kill him. Nice to see that even though Nancy hasn't been dealing lately, they're still able to get good and paranoid.

At the Botwins', Silas is smirking to his mom about how awesome he is at selling drugs, evidenced by his $2,000 haul. Nancy is about 65/35 horrified/impressed and she reminds him that this is only a temporary solution until they get out of debt. To her credit, I doubt she really believes that's true. She then tries compartmentalizing, telling Silas that when he's working, he's just some punk dealing for her and he should work on an alias. Silas is in love with all of this and hops off to contemplate how following a parent's career path is an oft-forgotten virtue that really should be applauded in this day and age. Or to jerk off to how awesome a drug dealer he thinks he is. Probably the latter, the more I ponder it.

Creepy, smarm-faced Sullivan Groff is staring out his office window into the sunshine outside and romanticizing the caliber of people who will make Majestic great. We eventually see he's talking to Doug, who seems to appreciate Sullivan's poetry but would rather cut to the chase and discuss the gold club membership he'd like in exchange for his support on the sewage pipeline. Sullivan smiles and winks because Doug Wilson is, as ever, completely easy.

At the summer school in Majestic where Nancy has sent Shane to keep him out of her hair trouble, the awesome Paul F. Tompkins is preparing the class to learn "critical thinking" skills. He asks a question that Shane answers by reading from the textbook, which gives Tompkins the opportunity to play the "Shall we learn from books or from life?" card, like, thanks Robin Williams. Shane's sold, however, particularly when the alternative to reading from the textbook is a murder mystery game. I like that the normally suspicious Shane is lowering his defenses here, though I totally should have seen where it was going.

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