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We return to Stevens and Jaime at the Many Things Store, where it's now light outside. Many Things, but no alarm clock, apparently. She's resting, lying back against his chest. Hmm. That looks...comfy. He tells her he's sorry about everything he had to tell her, but she says "it's good to hear the truth, for once." Her bionic ear warns her of footsteps. She hustles Stevens into the back, pushes the flash drive into his hand, and tells him to wait for her.

Jae visits Starbot again. She's been strapped to that board for almost the entire episode. She must be getting uncomfortable. She can tell as soon as he comes in that he didn't find any information about how to cure or fix her. Jae tenderly touches her cheek and says, "Tell me you love me." She knows how this little scene always plays out between them, so she busts out of her restraints, grabs him by the neck, lifts him off the ground, and says, "I love you." I've heard of combative foreplay, but this is really something. As alarms sound, Starbot drags Jae through the halls of Berkut, using him like a shield against the guys with guns who come out of the woodwork -- or, really, the moldy concrete walls -- to try to stop her. Ruth ineffectually instructs Starbot to stop and to let Jae go, but...apparently, she didn't learn very much in psychologist school. Or summer camp, or wherever she studied, because...the hell? When a guy with gun (GWG) unwisely tries to come up on Starbot from behind, she knocks him out and grabs his gun, never taking her hand away from Jae's throat. So now she has a gun. She backs up, finally tosses Jae away, and makes a run for it. I'm thinking they won't catch up with her. Ruth shoots Jae a look, like it's his fault he just almost got killed.

Many Things Store. Antonio walks in, and he and Jaime approach each other. Antonio wants to know where Stevens is, but Jaime says he's "gone." She goes on to say with disgust that Antonio was clearly going to kill the guy. Antonio argues that the information on the drive could save her, but Jaime doesn't see how it's a win to kill an innocent cute doctor just to save her. She doesn't feel that robot parts make her better than anyone else. And that's where she's wrong, because nobody else can put a burning frying pan out on her hand, so that's pretty much your test of merit right there. Antonio demands that Jaime give the guy over, and she refuses. When Antonio tries to blow past her, Jaime grabs his arm and says no. "Stevens is what we call 'collateral damage,'" Antonio says. He repeats that they have to kill the guy, but Jaime says he'll have to get through her first. At first, she throws Antonio against a wall and tells him not to mess with her, but he quickly turns it around on her and pins her right back, making the point yet again that she may be a machine, but she still needs skills to be a great fighter. They fight more, and there's more kicking, and then she gives him one kick that puts him hard into a set of shelves. Of Many Things! Some of which are empty boxes! Hey, when you have Many Things, you need a significant amount of storage. He's out cold, so she comes over and checks to make sure he's still alive, and when he is, she leaves. She goes back to find her cute doctor, but he's gone, along with the flash drive.

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