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Yet another set of commercials (seriously?), and we find Jae in Starbot's room, where he seems to be doing a post-mortem on what went wrong. He's joined by Jonas, who breaks the news that they've lost the flash drive in the wake of a "misunderstanding" between Jaime and Antonio: "Antonio's doctor can attest to that." Heh. Jae asks if the end of Professor Dorkus's work means that Starbot will die. "I wouldn't want to be in her shoes," Jonas replies.

We find Starbot at a bar, where she has her hair slicked back in this bizarre robo-mullet thing that's incredibly, utterly unflattering, but it doesn't seem to be bothering the guy she's hitting on by cooing about how she's never been snowboarding. She gets all "see it, want it, take it," like that's supposed to be sexy, but when she adds "never look back at the carnage," I'm thinking that's going to turn off some of the fellas in a "nice meeting you; I think I'm going to run out of the room with my balls covered" kind of way. But this guy doesn't seem bothered, and when she suggests they get out of there, he goes with her.

Berkut. Jonas's Office Full Of Secrets. Jaime sits there looking like she ate a bad shrimp, and when Jonas enters, she's silent for a bit, for once. She says, "Five years?" He tells her that five years is a very long time in technological terms. She can't believe he didn't tell her. He says he was trying to protect her, but in tears, she insists that it's "disgusting" for him to lie and treat her like a baby. He tells her that he's sorry. She says simply, "My sister," but he tells her they're going to find a way to fix it. She looks up at him, and goddamn if Miguel Ferrer, pro that he is, doesn't manage to make it a little bit compelling when he says to her gravely, "I will fix this." She looks at him with such open pleading that he grows uncomfortable and says again, "I'll fix this."

Sommershaus. Jaime feels like crap, of course, having just learned of her limited lifespan, but Becca is at the sink doing dishes and feeling sorry for herself, because she knows Jaime lied about the trip to Napa. Jaime gives her a "hey," and Becca tortures her by asking all about the fun times she had with Law School Friend in Napa, and when Jaime halfheartedly goes along, Becca demands to know whether Jaime is having an affair with a married man. Jaime is confused, but Becca just says, "Carly dropped off your shoes." Doing dishes again, Becca mutters that Jaime is "just like Dad" (hey, maybe Becca should go live with him!) and she can't trust anything Jaime says. Becca tells Jaime it's time to tell her what's really going on, but Jaime just says, "I can't." Disgusted, Becca turns back to the sink. Jaime reminds Becca of how their mom used to say "I love you the most," but she always said it to both of them. "Now I love you the most," Jaime says. "And I want to tell you everything, but I can't." Becca, unmoved, says trust is a "two-way street," and Jaime says she understands, but Becca has to understand that the new job is "complicated." Becca says, "I need to know that you're never going to leave me." Jaime pauses. "I will never leave you," she says. If these were better actresses, this might be kind of a good scene. But I'm sorry to say, the actress playing Becca does less than nothing for me. They hug, and Becca heads into her room, leaving Jaime to think by the window.

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