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In a dirty room (every goddamn room in this joint looks like it hasn't been cleaned in fifty years; don't they have delicate internationally significant weaponized doodads in here? Wouldn't it be more sterile?), Starbot is being tended by some white coats. They've got all manner of crap and monitors stuck to her, but one of the docs gets a little too close, and Starbot gets hold of his hand. Her supergrip is not comfortable for him. He wails in pain; Starbot smiles. Jonas walks in just then and orders her to release the nice doctor. Starbot laughs. "You're not helping yourself," Jonas tells her as the doctor crawls away. She claims this was "reflexes," but Jonas tells her they rebuilt her reflexes; "That was hostility." Heh. Jonas gets down to bionic brass tacks, telling her they know she's suffering from a wide variety of symptoms, and that whatever she got from Big Daddy Dorkus isn't helping her very much. She's like, "Kill me or let me go," but Jonas points out that killing her last time didn't get them very far. Jonas tells her that if she turns over Dorkus Senior, he can help her, based on the work that Little Dorkus was doing on "upgrades" before his untimely (or...actually, very timely) demise. Jonas walks out, and she yells after him about how he's a liar and they made her this way, and so forth. The kinds of things you might legitimately resent if someone turned you into a robot, really. She pulls at her restraints, but apparently, somebody came up with something pretty tough.

Small plane in a lightning storm. Jaime looks nervous in the cabin, while Antonio looks very relaxed. He prattles about how their contact is going to help them as soon as they land, and Jaime is distracted by pondering her possible death in this little plane. The plane pitches, and she grabs his hand, admitting that she's "scared of flying." She considered getting drunk, but she decided against it. Unfunny banter where he tries to calm her nerves; uninteresting discussion about how she feels guilty about lying to Becca and he thinks she's just protecting Becca; unprovocative discussion about the meaning of trust, during which Antonio points out that trust doesn't mean knowing everything -- after all, she trusts him, and she knows almost nothing about him. "All you need to know is that we're a team and that I have your back," he says. World's Most Obvious Bionic Gag follows as Jaime doesn't know her own strength and grabs his hand a little too hard. I do believe Superman did in General Zod that way, making it just a tiny bit predictable.

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