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Starbot holding room. Jae is there. He tells Starbot that Jonas wants to help her, but she says he's probably lying. Starbot says that either Jonas is pulling a scam or Jae is, but Jae quickly assures her that she can trust him. What's a shooting in the head between lovebirds? "I want you back," he says. See? All is forgiven; I knew it. Starbot says that if Jae produces proof that Jonas is right that there are advancements that they can use to help her, she might reconsider her position regarding giving up Dorkus Senior. Jae walks out.

Little room of flash-drive decoding. Antonio has now untied himself and Jaime, but he commands Jaime to tie up Stevens. She wants to know what the plan is here. It appears that Antonio intends to kill the bald bad guy, if he's not already dead, but it then becomes clear that he also intends to kill Stevens. Zoiks. Jaime protests, but Antonio says that Stevens has read the flash drive -- it has information, and now he knows too much. Stevens tells Jaime that the information is about her -- it's full of background about bionics. Stevens insists that he won't tell anyone anything about what was on the drive, but Antonio says that's all going to change when they torture him or take a member of his family, so...unfortunately, he has to die. Jaime isn't buying, and when Antonio tries to bully her into leaving, she starts fighting him instead. She knocks him down long enough for Stevens to flee at her instructions. When he's gone, Antonio argues that all she did was endanger herself, but she doesn't seem to feel too bad about not getting the civilian killed. The cute civilian, I should point out, since I haven't yet.

Jaime runs in the direction she sent Stevens, but she's intercepted by some guards. They shoot at her and miss and miss as she runs and leaps over girders and whatnot. And then, on one of her last leaps, somebody finally dings her. Weakened, she falls, but it turns out that, quite hilariously, Stevens is right there where she falls, so he scoops her up to save her. He really knows where to lurk. They exit through the exhaust fan, which she then bends back and...sets spinning again? Really? The guards watch in frustration from the other side of the fan as Stevens and Jaime make their escape. They send off the hail of bullets, but the fan apparently blocks them all. Good fan!

When we return, Stevens is hustling the wounded Jaime through what are apparently the mean streets of the Paraguayan dry-ice manufacturing district. He thanks her for saving him from being summarily executed by Isaiah Washington, and she points out that it was probably fairly dumb, since she now has absolutely no plan for what they're going to do at all. They duck into a store with a window reading "Bodega Muchas Cosas," which is, for those of you using your high-school Spanish at home, approximately the "store of many things." Catchy! The door is locked, but Jaime biono-bends it open. They come to a door controlled by a keypad, and somehow, Jaime's bionic eye is able to tell what numbers are in the combination. How this is possible isn't really explained, but she can't tell what order they're in. Stevens makes a wild guess and is right the first time. That is so lucky. They get through the door.

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