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In the cavernous back room of the Many Things Store, it turns out that "many things" includes "green mood lighting," as Jaime quizzes Stevens about where he got the flash drive. He says he has "a contact" who calls for help sometimes. She asks if he knows who hired the bad guys with guns, but he doesn't. He puts Jaime into a chair and looks in her eyes with a flashlight, at which point he pronounces in her shock, even though she looks kind of...the same as always. As he gathers improvisational medical supplies, he explains to Jaime that he's a real doctor, and she asks him if he had a "speciality [sic] in espionage." He offers her a belt of Yoo-Hoo (wha?) to prepare her for surgery, and when she declines, he takes a swig himself between pieces of his explanation that while he was in school, he developed an obvious talent for puzzles. He showed off at Walter Reed and found himself recruited by the CIA. With this, he leans down and goes to work on Jaime's shoulder. He cuts her jacket open, and he asks her whether she feels the bullet. We zoom in to see the bullet happily embedded in her flesh, surrounded by glowing yellow anthrocytes. I'm not sure I needed that juicy of a view of her gaping wound, but hey, it's all in the name of keeping things verite, right?

Jaime asks him how bad the wound is, and he explains that in a normal person, the body tries to "repel" a foreign object (such as, for instance, a bullet). But because Jaime's bionic, her body is set up to try to integrate such things, as it did with her various parts. Jaime doesn't understand how this is so bad, but Stevens tells her that the anthrocytes are moving the bullet around, and it could go anywhere and damage her other organs. Her anthrocytes aren't very smart, it seems to me. He tells her he has to remove the bullet. This all comes off as vaguely pervy in a way that's a little hard to explain. I think the bullet stands for something, but after that, things kind of go blurry.

Somewhere, Antonio is in his car having a chat with Jonas, who's back at HQ. Jonas frets that Jaime could be dead, but Antonio says she isn't. They bicker about whose fault it is that she's in this situation and about the stupidity of Antonio's "give ourselves up" plan. Jonas orders Antonio to go find Jaime, and to never treat her as if she's "expendable" again. Antonio says he'll get her. I'm not really sure what they're trying to do with this Antonio person. He seems like a (1) boring (2) asshole with (3) no particular motivations or character traits that I can discern. You can kind of tell that this Isaiah Washington thing was kind of crammed in at the end here, because there's just nothing to this character.

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Bionic Woman




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