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Paradise Lost

Antonio comes to Jonas's office with news -- a security checkpoint twenty miles from Paradise was "breached," meaning in this case that a distress call came and after that, nothing. Jonas tells him to get some people ready, and Antonio asks who's there now. Jonas 'fesses up that it's Jaime and Ruth, and Antonio is predictably unimpressed that Jonas sent Jaime to this kind of a place so soon.

Ruth and Jaime walk into a very quiet house where the TV is still on. (Folks tell me it's Battlestar Galactica; I wouldn't know.) They look for signs of life. Jaime turns her head, and we kind of...go inside her bionic ear for a second, which kind of feels a little too much like something from Tron, but...okay. In any event, she hears something, although when she reports this to Ruth, Ruth is convinced it's the TV. Nice one. Jaime runs outside, and Ruth follows. Jaime heads into another house, which she barges into without knocking, let alone needing to unlock the door (why did everyone die with their doors unlocked?), and Ruth is right behind her. Jaime descends a staircase, then silently points to a closed door. Ruth approaches with her gun drawn. She flings open the door to find a girl, maybe high-school-aged, brushing her teeth. The girl shrieks in fright. Ruth orders her to put her hands on her head, then asks her what she's doing. The girl mutters something through her mouthful of toothpaste, and Jaime tells Ruth to relax; this is obviously "just a kid." The "kid" pauses and asks, still through toothpaste, "Where's my grandma?" Aw. "We need to talk," says Jaime.

Jae strolls up to a hotel entrance, where the doorman greets him familiarly and tells him, "Your wife is waiting for you upstairs." Jae heads inside, and we see that this place is called the Yellow Rose Hotel. Get it? Get it? She gave him a yellow rose before, and now they're at the...never mind. Jae opens the hotel room door already with his gun held in girlfriend-shooting stance. He looks at the fireplace and has a flashback of doing it with Starbot in front of the fire. He steps into the main part of the room, and he turns his gun on Starbot, who is crouching in a most unnatural pose with her back against a marble pillar, basically looking like she's posing for an ad for her boots. "You always were good at following instructions," she coos breathily. He continues to hold the gun with confusion on his face, and she says, "You're not going to kill me twice, are you?" Weirdest foreplay ever. She stands in her super-heels and approaches him. He allows her black-polished nails to force the gun down, meaning that if he dies at this point, he will deserve it. "[Starbot], " he breathes. He warmly touches the side of her head, right near where he shot it. "Happy anniversary," she says. Sexy robot lady! ["Sexy robot trainer." Joe R]

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