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Paradise Lost

In a café somewhere, Jaime and Antonio are with Toothpaste, and Jaime asks Toothpaste if she's all right, and Toothpaste says she is, and she thanks Jaime for the fistfight and everything. And then Toothpaste goes running out of the restaurant, because it appears that her mom has arrived in a car outside. As Toothpaste and Mrs. Toothpaste embrace, Jaime asks Antonio if Toothpaste is the only survivor, and he says she is -- apparently, she has some weird immunity. Antonio says that now, they have to find out if there's more toxic stuff, and who the guys were who spread it. Jaime wants to know how. Antonio says she can leave that to him (little lady).

And then Antonio has a guy in camo strapped to chair, where he's extracting this information. That's the easy way, I guess. He tells the guy that if he doesn't get the information he wants, he'll "get a pair of grip pliers" and show him something. Nice. Next thing you know, Jonas gets a call from Antonio saying that Ruth was correct -- it was a test run, and twenty trucks are rolling out later tonight. We cut to a truck depot of some sort, I guess, where the camo guys are inside being nefarious. But then the good guys in black descend, and they retake the depot, and the threat is over. Seriously -- the resolution here takes about two minutes of screen time, counting the interrogation. There are things about this episode that aren't bad, but this is absurdly rushed at the end. Jaime looks at a map indicating that these guys were going to take shots at twenty cities. "These guys are serious," she says. Outside, Jonas tells her he knows she's torn between being excited about how they saved everyone and horrified by how frightening the world is. He tells her he owes her an apology for sending her to Paradise "too soon," but she says, "I'm in." He says it's good to have her.

And now, in an abrupt change of pace, happy Wilco music plays as we go with Jaime to Becca's talent show, which Jaime records with her camera phone. She beams happily and proudly, and when she finds Becca outside after, she gives her flowers and they happily hug. "You're a star," Jaime gushes. Jaime tells Becca she has news for her: Becca lives with Jaime, and is never going to live with their dad. Becca looks pleased. "You're the only thing in my life that makes any sense right now," Jaime says, and they walk off together. So...about 52 minutes of Jaime training and having her ear adjusted and gawking at the dead, and then three minutes of actual crime-solving and two minutes of family warmth. Seems a little out of balance, but I wouldn't mind a little more ear-fiddling. So to speak.

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