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Paradise Lost

When her restroom Romeo is gone, Jaime tells Jonas to buzz off and get out of the bathroom, but he says that he can't, because of the way she's carrying around $50 million in stuff belonging to him. "Well, what if I pay you twenty dollars a month?" she asks. Hee. Her delivery is really poor, but the line is actually decent, assuming it's going to be that kind of corny show. Jonas tells Jaime she should come work for him. She argues that she already has a job, but he's all dismissive of bartending, like his job in skulking is so great. He tells her that if she's soliciting anonymous sex in bathrooms, that's a sign of trouble. Hey, she's qualified for Congress! (Thank you, thank you, I'm here all week.) Jaime counters that she got into Harvard, and she's not there only because she's got Becca to worry about. And then she dashes into the stall to throw up, but she doesn't. I'm not sure what the significance of that is. Has she gained the super-ability to suppress nausea? When she's done, they talk some more, until she says to him, "God, you're a douche." That' the same town as funny, but it would have been so much funnier if it hadn't been directed at the least douchey guy on the show. I would have given $100 to see her direct that at Professor Dorkus fifteen minutes before his death. Her never-ending guilt would have been worth it.

Jonas insists that now, Jaime has the chance to do something with her life, and she's like, "Yeah, because I'm a robot now? Good one." He tells her that she may not have wanted this to happen, but here she is, and he's not going to watch her "flush [her] life down the toilet." Along with a perfectly good mechanical leg! She changes the subject, asking him why Professor Dorkus was keeping a big fat file on her. She says the file went back two years before she and the Professor even met. Jonas paces. "What are you people?" Jaime asks. "Okay," Jonas finally says. "We're a private, clandestine group dedicated to stopping rogue organizations from ending civilization as we know it. I'll make it simple for you: we're saving the world." Okay. So...did you catch the word "private"? I guess they're...not government after all? Or something? Jonas could use her help: "Are you in or are you out?" In a moment I actually like very much, because it's what I always wish people would say in these situations, Jaime busts out laughing and says, "I am definitely out." She announces, once again, that she's going to throw up, and she runs into the stall. We fade to black before the yukking can happen. I am not sure what the significance of the vomit motif is. I mean, I get that she's drunk, but they find this all much more fun than I do.

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