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Paradise Lost

...we cut to Jonas, having a chat with Ruth in which she's arguing that she needs to go to Paradise to see what's up with all the dead folks. He resists, but she tells him this might just be "a test run." He tells her she'll need someone watching her, and he doesn't have anyone -- and then there's Jaime, on the other side of the two-way mirror, pointing out that she could go with Ruth. "I'm not a big fan of eavesdroppers," says Jonas to the bionic-ear-having girl who probably can't really help it, and Ruth dismissively says Jaime will only "slow [her] down." Jaime says, "I'm a lot faster than you are," and Ruth sort of disgustedly says, "Only at running." I'm not sure why I thought that was so funny -- maybe I expected something more sophisticated, like, "Not when it matters," or "The fact that you think that is why you can't go." There's something about her being like, "Only at running," that really, really tickled me. Jonas gives the okay for Jaime to go, and he also tells Ruth to have his office soundproofed. Aw. Poor insecure thing.

Next thing you know, Ruth and Jaime are in a car, heading down an isolated highway surrounded by farmland. Jaime says the car is "cool," and Ruth says, "I know." Jaime asks her if it's a '72 GTO, but Ruth just wants to know why Jaime wanted to come along on this little mission. Jaime says she wanted to get out of her rut of moping around about poor dead Professor Dorkus. Ruth can understand that. Jaime asks if Ruth and P.Dorkus were close, and Ruth gives her a stony-faced explanation of the fact that she never gets close to anyone in this "game." "How can you call it a game?" Jaime asks. "Second thing they teach you," says Ruth. It's all very Knight Rider, the way people on this show are constantly saying deep, meaningful things to each other, all of which are crap.

As Jaime and Ruth roll into town, Ruth says, "Eyes open; mouth closed." They pull up to a military barricade, and Ruth flashes a badge of some sort, saying she's "expected." that badge fake? Or does her private company issue badges that a guy like this will recognize? they contract with the FBI, like Marriott does when they run the cafeteria at an office building? I don't get it at all, I have to admit. The guy wants to know who Jaime is, and Ruth says, "She's my muscle." Jaime likes the sound of that. None of this holds any kind of water, but, whatever, the guy lets them through, because otherwise? No show. Jaime takes note of the sign that says the population of Paradise is/was 201.

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